How To Get MLM Duplication

How To Get MLM Duplication

Duplication in Network Marketing is one of the most covet"get mlm duplcationed and essential part of any mlm business.  People often say, “My team is not duplicating,” I want to caution that language because you are speaking what is going to happen. Meaning you are literally dictating that you won’t get duplication. Why do I start this post this way? Because your words have power. So if your wondering how to get mlm duplication the first place is in your language. There is a video below that will explain exactly how and why to get duplication in your home based business.

Duplication In Network Markeitng

Your words have power and in this video you’ll learn it is about what you say to your new rep in setting their expectation levels correctly in order for them to stay in the game and get duplication in network marketing themselves. So How to get mlm duplication is actually set before the person even joins the business. Sounds weird right? Well watch my video below and see why.

Video: How To Get MLM Duplication Training

See what I was saying about setting expectations before they join. How about the importance of “Point, Guide, Direct!?” What Did You Learn? Leave a comment below.

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Good MLM Sponsor Bad Network Marketing Sponsor

Good MLM Sponsor Bad Network Marketing Sponsor

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This audio talks about the major differences between a Good MLM Sponsor and a Bad MLM Sponsor.  It doesn’t contain everything but it is a very good start! This audio not only identifies poor actions but teaches how to correct them and become a Good Network Marketing Sponsor.

Every Good MLM Sponsor was once a Bad Network Marketing Sponsor at first. So don’t ever feel condemned just realize that everyone goes through this learning curve and we often don’t know what we don’t know.  The goal of this audio is to help you become a better MLM Sponsor.

I would encourage you to share this post/audio with your friends and especially team members.  You are free to do that as I am not selling or promoting any products, services, or biz opps through this audio. It is AGAIN more pure value for you and your team to.

Please leave a comment below to let me know how this Free Audio book on being a “Good MLM Sponsor, Bad Network Marketing Sponsor,” has helped you and your team.

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MLM Piggy Backing

What Is MLM Piggy Backing?

Piggy Backing is when you use someone else’s content, traffic, status updates, or whatever marketing someone is doing and you steal that for yourself. For example in network marketing I train to create curiosity evoking status updates. When you make one of these status updates like: Continue reading

How To Help Other Network Marketers

How To Help Other Network Marketers

Too Often while building our business we meet other network marketers in different companies and do nothing.  What I mean is this, if a realtor meets another realtor the focus on the conversation is not for the other realtor to switch brokerages and come work with the new realtor. NO! In network marketing that’s how a lot of us operate, its wrong, selfish, and unethical.  The goal of your conversation should be to help someone, just because they are in a different company doesn’t mean you can’t have a professional relationship with them!?

Help MLM and Network Marketing Recruiters

Just help and serve people freely just like Jesus did. And I don’t know about you but I dont think there is anyone in the world who has built a bigger downline than Jesus lol. OK a little humor but you get the point.

Maybe you have a script, a tip, a video, affiliate product, or system that can help someone, another network marketer. Have pure intentions to help someone, often times they will come back to you in the future as a bi-product of your service to them.

A good principle I follow is found here:

Where I learn my marketing and recruiting skills/strategies is here:

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Best MLM Prospects

Best MLM Prospects

In this post I am training How To Find the Best MLM Prospects using faceb"best mlm prospects"ook and all kinds of other social media. My favorite and most effective way to use social media in your network marketing business is connecting locally with your customers, prospects, and potential distributors. Every team that I have built using a local strategy has better retention, higher duplication, and we have a lot more fun with the ability to have get togethers, meetings, and team vacations. Continue reading

Social Media Local Prospecting Formula Review Jessica Higdon

Social Media Local Prospecting Formula

Review Jessica Higdon

Jessica Higdon is thee social media guru in network marketing right now.  I’ve known and "Social Media Local Prospecting Formula Review Jessica Higdon"worked with Jessica since we were in college together at FGCU.  She recently released her 2nd product: Social Media Local Prospecting Formula.  I wanted to know more so I personally spoke with Jessica and she was incredibly kind enough to share not only all the bonuses in her course but also a live webinar with everyone who comes to my site here.  Jessica Higdon really over delivered on the value with this webinar we need and it really blew me away and facebook recruiting is one of my favorite and most duplicable strategies our team uses.

Social Media Prospecting Formula Review Video

Ray Higdon and Jessica Higdon are top trainers, recruiters, income earners and constantly are adding value with trainings and courses to help others achieve the same levels of success they have.

Personally I’ve recruited 4 ppl from Australia in the past month, I live in the United states and its practicing exactly what Jessica teaches in her Social Media Recruiting Course on Prospecting Locally.  I hope you enjoyed getting the Review on Jess Higdon Social Media Local Prospecting Formula post.

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How To Influence People

How To Influence People

How To Influence People is a Book and topic the author John Maxwell is an expert in. As a leader there are 2 ways to lead, 1 though positional leadership and 2 through influence. Similar principles of think and grow rich or dale Carnegie – How to Win Friends and Influence People are seen in the book..

If you are in any kind of team building business, whether it be influencing people in network marketing, direct sales, mlm or any similar structure you want to create an environment where people want to follow and model you not because you are their up-line or boss but because of who you are. How To Influence People is a higher level skill as it can be used on masses, this is another reason I leverage the internet and these business models.

How To Influence Your Team

Some ways you can achieve this”

– Lead By Example – The more you produce the more your team looks to your guidance and leadership

– Celebrate Others – Everyone craves acknowledgement and acceptance and by publicly creating a positive experience for a representative for making profit producing activities you not only gain influence among people but you model how they should duplicate this experience in their teams.  Remember you always want to be teaching to teach and empowering others to do what you do.

– Don’t React, Respond – Respond instead of reaction means you take the emotional charge out of the situation, incident or problem. It is a great opportunity to turn confrontation into a positive situation.  Understand that most people come from a place of pain, lack, or frustration and as a leadership you not only need to be sensitive to these pains whether justified or irrelevant but you need to be able to respond in a way that your message is received. How To Influence People is awesome.

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VIDEO: Little Known Recruiting, Sponsoring, and Prospecting Tip

Little Known Recruiting, Sponsoring, and Prospecting Tip

Today’s post is a short and simple video on how you can connect and recruit more of your leads and build your business faster.  This is something I personally been doing for years and never really thought much of it until I realized how many people I’ve signed up and sold products to. Now I have a powerful recruiting and prospecting tip for your MLM.

Most Uplines Don’t Teach This Powerful Strategy

Simply because they don’t know about it.  This strategy is so easy and its a way for you to get more out of your money, time, leads, and energy.

Enjoy this Video on Recruiting, Sponsoring, and Prospecting Tip

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