How To Influence People

How To Influence People

How To Influence People is a Book and topic the author John Maxwell is an expert in. As a leader there are 2 ways to lead, 1 though positional leadership and 2 through influence. Similar principles of think and grow rich or dale Carnegie – How to Win Friends and Influence People are seen in the book..

If you are in any kind of team building business, whether it be influencing people in network marketing, direct sales, mlm or any similar structure you want to create an environment where people want to follow and model you not because you are their up-line or boss but because of who you are. How To Influence People is a higher level skill as it can be used on masses, this is another reason I leverage the internet and these business models.

How To Influence Your Team

Some ways you can achieve this”

– Lead By Example – The more you produce the more your team looks to your guidance and leadership

– Celebrate Others – Everyone craves acknowledgement and acceptance and by publicly creating a positive experience for a representative for making profit producing activities you not only gain influence among people but you model how they should duplicate this experience in their teams.  Remember you always want to be teaching to teach and empowering others to do what you do.

– Don’t React, Respond – Respond instead of reaction means you take the emotional charge out of the situation, incident or problem. It is a great opportunity to turn confrontation into a positive situation.  Understand that most people come from a place of pain, lack, or frustration and as a leadership you not only need to be sensitive to these pains whether justified or irrelevant but you need to be able to respond in a way that your message is received. How To Influence People is awesome.

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VIDEO: Little Known Recruiting, Sponsoring, and Prospecting Tip

Little Known Recruiting, Sponsoring, and Prospecting Tip

Today’s post is a short and simple video on how you can connect and recruit more of your leads and build your business faster.  This is something I personally been doing for years and never really thought much of it until I realized how many people I’ve signed up and sold products to. Now I have a powerful recruiting and prospecting tip for your MLM.

Most Uplines Don’t Teach This Powerful Strategy

Simply because they don’t know about it.  This strategy is so easy and its a way for you to get more out of your money, time, leads, and energy.

Enjoy this Video on Recruiting, Sponsoring, and Prospecting Tip

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How to Recruit for Home Based Business Using Social Media

How to Recruit for Home Based Business Using Social Media

The use of social media is really the best tools we have as network marketers today.  We can laser target who we want to work with, develop healthy relationships with them, and have a mutually beneficial working relationship and it all starts with using social media for network marketing the right way.  A lot of time you see networkers blasting their company info all over their profile and screaming about the next webinar/conference calll….yuck. Do you see any other professional in their industry doing that?? Didn’t think so.  I really don’t like when this happens, so in an effort to help new networkers I have created another training on this subject of how to use social media the right way for mlm which will ultimately teach you how to recruit for mlm using facebook and social media.

How to Recruit for MLM Using Social Media Training

Social media recruiting is not as hard as people make it out to be once you know what to do.  Use this video as a tool for you and your team to avoid getting put in Facebook Jail and Use Social media the right way.  Facebook has been cracking down on networkers because they are coming off as spam and lets be honest, it is spam.  FOCUS on connecting and having a goal to bless/help someone and then your will be coming from a different place that will be well received as opposed to some money hungry koolaid drinking mlmer.

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Network Marketing Facebook Tips: Recruiting Using Facebook

Network Marketing Facebook Tips:

Recruiting Using Facebook, What NOT to Do

Facebook recruiting for my network marketing business has been one of the single best tactics to use, period.  The nature of our industry is relationship sales and marketing and social media is a fantastic vehicle to facilitate new relationships which can lead into new team members and product sales.  However, on facebook people are not coming to be sold or marketed to.  Today’s post features a Video with Network Marketing Facebook Tips where you’ll learn what NOT to do.  Sometimes knowing what NOT to do can be even more helpful than knowing what to do to recruit using facebook.  Let me share here… Continue reading

What Successful People Do

What Successful People Do?

"What Successful People Do"

Stage 62 – Naples Florida

Today we are at Stage 62 Delicatessen in Naples Florida for some banana pancakes and coffee.  While reading the menu Abby and I noticed all the successful actors and famous people on the coverof the menu.  I thought what do these people have in common, what is it that can we avoid thats holding us back, what is it that we can learn to bring us forward.  Check out today’s video where we sink our teeth into some pancakes that really help us to understand what successful people do! ;)

What Do Successful People Do?

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How to Be Happy

How to Be Happy

We all have different circumstances and live different lives.  However, we all have a chance to respond or react to events in our lives.  Will the person who just cut you off steal your joy or do you have the power keep your cool and be happy.  How to be happy seems like a silly thing to talk about but most people aren’t even aware.  Most people just drift day to day, week to week, hoping for things to get better. Continue reading

How Successful People Think

How Successful People Think

Thanks to many different experiences with people from all walks of life, successful people, professionals, non-successful people, and those that are trying to find their way it is pretty clear that success has a lot to do with what think and focus on.  Todays post is about how successful people think.  I have a cool story in the video below about the truth of successful thinking. Continue reading

MLM Lead System

MLM Lead System

MLM Leads

An MLM lead system is a tool for anyone who is serious about creating a full time income in the network marketing industry.  Without an MLM lead you have no one to talk to and can not build your front line forward. The successful professionals in every industry on the planet have a systematic approach to doing business and as network marketer you may want one as well.

Ron before MLM Lead System

Before I found a MLM Lead System I was prospecting everyone in my contact list in my cell, cold calling business cards, chasing my friends and family until I was put in the NFC (no friends club).  No one would take my calls.  I had managed to sponsor quite a few people despite my setbacks but still wasn’t enough to have a solid organization.  I didn’t think I could market online, I thought it was this illusive subject that was just too hard to comprehend.  I was no guru and had no credibility why would people listen to me? Despite my apprehensions I knew I wanted an mlm lead system that would finally generate leads of people who wanted to work with me and buy from me.  So I gave the mlm lead system a try!

Ron after MLM Lead System"mlm lead system"

I started first by checking out the mlm lead system to see if I thought I could do it.  Once I was in I simply went through the video step by step instructions and followed the system.  I actually made a video below of what it looks like in the back office.  I implemented some of marketing strategies with the pre-made system campaigns and simply began to market.  Here are also my real results.  Now what I do is a little bit of daily marketing and I have people to talk to about my business everyday! I probably shouldn’t be showing this but the truth is its working for me and heres whats happened since I got an MLM Lead System…

  • Sponsored #1 Income Earner (canada)
  • Won Company Vacation Package
  • Rank Advanced to 4 Star Manager

Here is the proof about having an MLM Lead System

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How to Find the Perfect People for MLM

How to Find the

Perfect People for MLM

If you could locate the perfect people for mlm and sponsor them into your business regularly what would that do for you?  Today I’m going to show you step by step how I sponsored the #1 Income Earner in Canada in my primary business.  There is a good and bad thing about home based mlm businesses.  Anyone can start a home based business for as little as $500 and this is a low barrier to entry.  Everyone can come up with $500 to start a business, however that doesn’t mean everyone has the wherewithal to be successful.  But if you could find the perfect mlm people to prospect, those that will duplicate, stay on autoship, and really lead a team would you be open to learning how? Continue reading