10 Instagram Tips for Network Marketing

10 Instagram Tips for Network Marketing

When I first learned about Instagram I"Instagram Tips for Network Marketing" ‘ll admit I was skeptical to see if it really could be used for network marketing.  I didn’t really understand how it worked and how the heck could people build relationships on Instagram.  My friend April is a top earner in her company and has taught me a lot. Today I’m going to share some Instagram Tips for Network Marketing.

Network Marketing Instagram Tips for Free Followers

1. Connect Your Facebook Account and Add Your Friends.  This is easy to do and you will be walked through it once you start your new account. If you don’t want to add all your friends just select the one’s you want to add. You can do this exact same thing with your email account as well. It’s always best to plug the audience you already have into your Instagram account initially to get things started.
2. Post to Your Other Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter etc. ask them to join you on Instagram.
If you have a email list you should also send out to your subscribers that you are now on Instagram and ask them to connect with you there.
3. Post Great Content…Remember content is king! You have to share content that will attract your targeted audience. It is critical if you want to start getting laser targeted FREE Instagram Followers.
4. Connect and Engage with other popular Instagram accounts in your niche.  Simply do a search for a key hashtag term in your niche on Instagram to find other accounts similar to your business.
5. Connect with People In Your Target Audience doing the same as above.
Once you find someone you think would be interested in following you; click follow and like about 5 of
their posts, then leave a comment on one sharing what you liked best about their post. Then you could
gently say you would love to stay connected with them and tell them they could check out your bio and
if they feel the same follow back. This works so well but you have to be consistent with it. I recommend doing this strategy about 10 times or more a day for even better results.
"instagram marketing for mlm"
I really want you to implement these tips and not just read this post and forget about it later so I put something together for you really awesome with my friend April. I put the rest of these tips and some additional info together for you as 10 Instagram Tip PDF for network marketing. Just click this link and you can download the pdf.
Are you on Instagram? Comment below with your username and I’ll follow you.

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