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Today we’re exposing network marketing diseases that traumatically cause"ron gelok" failure in recruiting and team building. When you know how to build a network marketing or home based business that doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to do it.  Home based businesses are very simple to build and it comes down to inviting, presenting, collecting a decision, and teaching how to duplicate.  We usually talk about these topics more in depth on this site, which is great. (Example is top right you can enter your email on how I’ve recruited 300+ people from facebook and exactly how you can to) But today, rather than teach more how to, we are going to be exposing 13 Ways People Fail at Network Marketing. Some medicine is provided..

How People Fail At Network Marketing

Have you ever felt like you got the warm market turned cold market flu, or the can’t seem to get any mlm duplicationitus? Today I’m the mlm doctor, (I’m not really a Dr…), and we will be looking at the symptoms cause this terrible diseases in network marketing industry. If you find yourself having any of these symptoms follow the doctor’s orders in the prescriptions below.

1. Don’t invite or prospect – If people don’t know what you have then it doesn’t matter how good your product or opportunity is. Even though you can feel nervous or for some reason put too much pressure on yourself its important to just keep things simple and invite the same way you would invite a friend to see a movie.

2. Don’t share the presentation – If no one ever sees the plan that you can pretty much guarantee you won’t make a dime in network marketing. You can be a terrible inviter or closer but as long as you are getting the video/presentation shown the numbers will work in your favor. A common true teaching is the Safety In Numbers and Law of Averages. “S.I.N.A.L.O.A”

3. Prejudge someone – This is a big o2 Reasons Can't Get Traction In Networkne. This is when we say to ourselves, “oh that person would never do this” or “he/she probably can’t do this.” We are deciding before someone else has the chance to decide if they will be successful or not in your business; we are essentially robbing them of the possibility of change.

4. Don’t follow the system – I’ve seen new network marketers create their own unique systems that have a ton of extra steps in getting someone to join their mlm opportunity. The people who are having success in your company, you will find are keeping things very simple. Hence why their is a duplicable system in most companies.

5. They Don’t Use Company Tools – Some people develop this disease-like thinking they have to create their entire custom presentation and tools and everything. The reality is that a sustainable company has these elements already in place as tools that you can use included or purchase. If your company doesn’t have anything like this then you may want to create your own system.

6. Don’t Call Your Warm Market – Some people feel more comfortable approaching strangers and people they don’t know with their mlm business opportunity. There are numerous times that  I didn’t approach a friend or acquaintance of mine to find weeks or months later that they had joined my company or another opportunity.

7. Fear of What People Think Of You – This comes down to a self esteem focus.  If someone is not receptive of what you are doing or sharing and you change your activity or belief to stop growing then this is an indication

8. Fear of Rejection – People sometimes mistake someone saying no to the opportunity as personal rejection of who they are or their belief in the company is challenged. Both of these are uncomfortable feelings but the key is detach the opportunity and your performance from your self worth. Here is a post related to how I found my self worth and who I really am.

RonPointing  9. Self Talk – Everything starts with your belief and I believe that, “A good person produces good things from the treasury of a good heart, and an evil person produces evil things from the treasury of an evil heart. What you say flows from what is in your heart. Luke 6:45 Therefore that what you believe you are going to be saying to yourself and saying it out loud as well. So speak empowering principles into your life. If your looking for something you can listen to check out our New Podcast by Clicking Here.

10. Don’t Do Mindset Training – The biggest indicator that you may need mindset training is saying to yourself, “I don’t need mindset/personal development, I think great or I already have a positive mindset.” We never stop growing or dying and the decision of which way is up to each of us personally. Pride or laziness will stop you from investing in the development of your champion mindset

11. Don’t Talk To New People – In order to build new growth in your organization you are either driving deep in your down-line with existing builders and/or adding new personal recruits that you can drive deep in their network with.

12. Management Mode – I’ve seen people fall int"mlm lead system"o this trap even with small teams of 100 or less, heck even people with teams the size of 20 have been here.  People stuck here often say, “my team is not duplicating,” or “I can’t seem to get any growth happening.” They try to squeeze more juice out of the lemon and its already squeezed dry. We can water the plant so it produces new fruit (mindset) . we can also take the seeds from the lemon and grow new trees. Don’t try to control people, lead by example. The greatest thing you can do for your team is to move forward and let your results inspire them to take action for themselves.

13. Don’t Attend Company Events – People who are all top earners in your company, do they go to the company events? Who has the largest teams present at these events!?  There is something powerful about being at these events as a team.

At one time every great network marketer was a poor network marketer and most of us have made many of these mistakes.  When I was new the interesting part of this that I didn’t recognize that I was stuck all the time but I do have a great mentor that was really good at catching me on my excuses and blind spots. If your looking for a coach, my Group Coaching Program is now taking applications. Click Here To Learn How To Qualify.

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