18 Ways To Increase Retention in Network Marketing

18 Ways To Increase Retention

in Network Marketing

How to increase retention in network marketing is something I’ve had a huge problem with years ago.  If you are adding representatives to your organization just as fast as you are losing them then today’s post is for you. I’ll share how to reduce attrition and increase retention in network marketing.  The most important thing I have learned when team building is that the more I try to control and squeeze people the more that backfires.  In network marketing your team is very different then having employees, they are more like a volunteer army that you can not control. Pay attention to tip #12 because this one tip is responsible for the largest organizations in network marketing.

Increase Retention in Network Marketing

I watched a previous sponsor of mine make a lot of these mistakes but also had the benefit of watching him correct them.  That statement is made to let you know that if you see yourself in the following list you can correct your errors and retain more of your mlm team.

My friend Ray Higdon had this to say 6 things to say about increasing retention in network marketing (1-6):

1. Stop the hype. Unmet expectations caused by ridiculous promises or guarantees on ease of success is a big factor.

2. Celebrate “slow wins” not just the fast ones. Every time we celebrate and highlight someone who “recruited 10 their first day/week” we dampen the spirits of the frustrated majority that have yet to have success. I’m not saying to ignore the fast success stories but look for those stories that highlight people who’ve been in a long time that got their first recruit as well.

3. Teach leaders about result differentiation. Many of the top earners are high producing alpha’s that believe everyone has the same goals (used to be me). There are people that are happy as can be just being in the community and being apart of the mission that don’t have big income as a goal. If you alienate them or make them feel inferior by pushing your big revenue agenda, they will slink away and quit out of not wanting to disappoint the leadership.

"how to create retention in network marketing"4. I believe the number one reason people leave a church (much more relevant analogy than a job) is a shift in the culture. Eliminating cancerous culture factors like gossiping, arrogance, etc and that will make an immediate impact. – Ray Higdon

5. Understand it’s a volunteer army. I wanted to stick with my very first mlm but left because my upline acted like my boss and felt the need to publicly bash me. This also goes for the company. If a company wants a leader to leave, just start bossing them around and taking away their credit for what they built. This also applies in a sense with personal branding. I’ve seen leaders and up and comers leave companies due to the leaders or company aggressively being negative on personal branding. (Could probably write a book on this)

6. Be real. People love authenticity and too often we find out leaders or company owners aren’t practicing what they preach. Live as an example. Admit faults. Authenticity combined with vulnerability is perhaps the most powerful combo of traits a leader can possess.

7. Create team culture that not only celebrates production but community.  One of the most effective things I have done inside of my teams is to email and post videos in our private social media groups and email lists.  These videos share tips, vision, highlight a lot of leaders, welcome all new team members, issue challenges and contests, and share Bible verses/lessons.

8. Create Big Team Mentality.  In my first network marketing community we created the “big team mentality” where everyone helps everyone.  I carry this attitude because nothing divides and separates more then rejection and alienation of team members. This tip does come with one caveat, do not spend all of your time helping team members and people who aren’t your in your personal downline because you won’t make any money by supporting those you don’t earn override commissions on.

9. Don’t Jump! The MLM leader that jumps to a new company every 6 -12 months in not going to be around long term.  They will always have a small group of followers but don’t be deceived.  Stick with the leader that is a rock and consistently builds.

10. Have a duplicatable training system.  We have created a simple team training site that every single rep goes through.  This is additional to the company training and is specifically how our team duplicates.  This way if someone is not recruited locally they can still get support and get the exact same training I would give my personals.  A tool like this you can give any member of your downline so things stay consistent. This also prevents breakdowns in training communication and empowers representatives to succeed.

11. Be willing to travel to your leaders.  Leaders who are producing and have built teams of at least 50 or more I am willing to travel to and support by holding a meeting.  That number of reps may be higher for you and thats fine but this is a relationship business and when you are willing to play big to support people it pays off.

12. Tap-Rooting.  Tap- Rooting is a way to increase retention in network marketing very fast.  This is immediately when you sponsor someone you personally get in front of their contacts within 24 hours and do that exact same thing over and over again.  You must personally keep driving team with each new contact and continue down the chain.  This builds depth in your organization and creates stability.  When team members can look in their back office and see a bunch of people underneath them in the downline it keeps them in and builds belief.

13. Attend Events.  Attending company events is one of the most underrated ways to increase retention in MLM.  At events you’ll get the very best trainings and invest in your skills.  Building belief is the biggest thing to walk away home with from any live event.  The intangible motivation and fire that you and your representatives can grab at these events are huge catalysts for retention and growth.

14. Hold Contests.  Building contests that end close to or end at company events are a strategic way to plan for growth.  People will build and drive hard to a date and naturally when you announce winners at the event this piggy backs off the excitement that is already taking place at the event.

15. Share testimonials and stories.  Hearing success and great stories of how others are winning builds belief and shows others that they can have results as well (my personal favorite are underdog stories). There is a biblical principle that I love that helps people overcome doubt and insecurity. In Revelation 12:11 the Bible states: “they triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.”

21303109892_5b9e963783_z16. Never Bash or Criticize your team members.  Remember your team members are volunteers and not employees.  You can not treat people poorly even if they were employees but you must be even more conscious of this treating people well when working with “volunteer armies.”

17. Don’t Become a Manager. One of the biggest stops of growth is for a leader to stop personally producing and start managing.  Managing others instead of personally recruiting and selling product is a sure way to not only lose your team members but experience a big drop in your income as well.

18. Lead by Example.  Do not ask your team members to do anything you haven’t done or aren’t willing to do.  Telling team members to do certain activities that you haven’t done is out of integrity and misleading.  Even if the trainings and advice are great it is still always best to personally have the experience yourself; this way you can also provide great coaching to your team members.

How To Increase Retention in Network Marketing

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