2 Powerful MLM Prospecting Strategies to Get You More Sign Ups

2 Powerful MLM Prospecting

Strategies to Get You More Sign Ups

Last Post we covered how to deal with prospects who don’t do what they say they are going to do.  When you have mastered the strategy in the last post in conjunction with today’s 2 MLM Prospecting Tips you are going to experience a positive shift with your prospecting numbers.  Today we are focusing on prospecting with power and confidence.  Lets jump right in!

Use MLM Prospecting Tie Downs and Take Aways

"MLM Prospecting Tips"

Filled our Meetings, Using these Prospecting Tips

Anytime I am talking with someone about coming to a meeting or viewing a presentation and sense and hesitation, reluctance, or disinterest I take my business opportunity away from them.  I use powerful mlm prospecting techniques like Tie Downs and Take Aways.

Use MLM Take Aways

Me: Mr. prospect, if you not serious about, __Repeat back their needs___,  its ok you don’t have to check it out.  I’m really looking for people who are open that I can help.


Use MLM Tie Downs

Me: Mr. Prospect, are you actually going to watch this video to help you with__Repeat back their needs__ ? Cause if your not its ok, we can save each other some time. I just want to help people.

Me: Mr. Prospect, I need you to watch the video at www.xyzcompany.com in order for me to even consider working with you.  Now I am really excited about this.  How soon can you watch this video? Ok you said 5 o clock, do I have your permission to call you at 6 and get some feedback?

You are still going to have people that don’t show up and don’t watch the presentation.  These 2 strategies are going to reduce the number of people that don’t show and don’t do what they say.  What is nice is that some people will come right out and say that they aren’t serious and they will back out.  This is great because it saves you a ton of time and you don’t have to deal with tire kickers.

To catch up on the previous post on MLM prospecting go here.

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