2 Questions that Crumble Networkers

2 Questions that Crumble Networkers

No body really has all the answers in life.  For some reason new networkers sometimes feel like they need to know everything.  T"numis network uk, uk numis network leader"his is not the case at all.  Besides I got better things to do then know where the materials in my product came from and how many amazon doctors it took to make it or the number of little green elfs that stomp on berries to get that perfect flavor.  Ok ok im just joking thats not a shot at health and wellness but whats important is that you know how to talk to people and make them feel comfortable about working with you.  Remember, would you sign up with you?  In today’s post I’m sharing a VIDEO that goes over the 2 questions that crumble new network marketers and how I answer them. 

Why Do You Get Objections?

There are a few reasons you may have objections.  1. Sincere interest about the product/company and need clarification, 2.  Prospect wants to show off how smart they are, 3.  Not interested and negative, 4.  Scared to make the leap of faith and if you can’t make em feel comfortable they won’t join.  Often times objections are not even real.  I find that people are testing you.  They want to know is this opportunity actually real and can I actually be successful doing what you are doing.   hint hint: they are asking themselves “can I do what you are doing?”  Which is exactly why you keep things simple and very duplicateable.

Here’s the 2 Deadly Questions and How to Answer Them

You know what really stops people from asking any kind of questions or giving objections?  Excitement, enthusiasm, and confidence.   If you are truly in this business to help people than that will shine through in your demeanor and character.  Thats attractive to everyone, I don’t care who you are and if its not, well your obviously not in my life lol.

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