20-30 Leads A Day Without Using the Internet Part 2 – Cold Market Recruiting

20-30 Leads A Day Without Using the Internet Part 2

Hey entrepreneurs!  Welcome back to part 2 of how to generate 20-30 leads a day without using the internet.  If you missed or want to review part 1 check it out here.  What I like about offline lead generation is that its a lot more simple than internet marketing .  I believe it to be a better way to build locally than the internet for the average person.  I also like seeing results fast!  Today’s post won’t be very long as this strategy is just too simple.

Cold Market Recruiting"offline mlm marketing"

Have you ever gone out to eat at your local dinner or visited a small business.  Chances are a lot of them have cork boards with business cards all over them.  Why do these people but their cards up on the cork board?  Because they want you to call them! They are looking to do more business!  When you see the corkboard start grabbing as many cards as you can.  Each card you grab is one lead.  Heck grab em outta the fish bowl to. Cold market recruiting is easy because who cares what a stranger thinks of you.

What Do I Say to These People?

This is pretty simple process.  When I make my calls I always consider myself a bad &ss entrepreneur so thats how I act on the phone.  Here is a script you can use when calling your leads.

Ron: Hello There, this is Ron Gelok and I came across your business card figured I shoud give you a call
Prospect: Ok great how can I help you.
Ron: Hows the market treating you over in ________? ( I always do my best to say something to make small talk and ask about them and their business
to build rappport)
Ron: Well John doe, the reason I’m calling you is I’m an entrepreneur in the area and looking to expand my business. You seem like a sharp person and I wanted to ask you, “Do you keep your options open when it comes to making money outside of your focue which I know is __(their occupation)__ ?”
Prospect will either say yes, no, or depends what it is.

If yes direct them to a local meetings or email them a video and schedule a time when you will get back together to talk about it.  I like to meet ppl for coffee who are interested.

You can do this all day.  This is a cold market recruiting strategy but is very effective for building locally.

So get out there and start marketing!

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  • Garth

    April 5, 2011

    Awesome Ron! – I’m out the door to go get some leads. Can’t find any around here at home! Look forward to your next post! 🙂

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