20-30 Leads A Day Without Using the Internet Part 5

20 – 30 Leads A Day Without
Using the Internet Part 5

Happy Friday and welcome back to t"what to say at networking events, 20 30 leads without interner"he last and final part of the series of how to generate 20-30 leads a day without using the internet. I’ve been getting great feedback from the team and friends so I hope you got more leads than you know what to do with. Just in case your lead flow isn’t crazy yet, be sure to check out part 1, part 2, part3, or part 4.  There are tons of different ways to generate leads, I shared these 5 strategies with you because I feel they are the most duplicatable.  They are in a sense easy buttons.

After part 5 I hope you are kicking yourself when you see how easy this is.  This is kind of a no brainer but are you doing it?  I’m talking about Networking Events in your local area!  You need to meet people and you want to meet people who want more in their lives. 

Recommendations for Networking Events

  • People there are not pieces of meat to recruit
  • Don’t Pitch Your Business
  • Collect Cards don’t recruit at the event
  • Always have a genuine smile
  • Ask lots of questions about others and their business
  • Follow up the next day with a phone call

Where are Networking Events By Me?

There are a few places you can check to find local networking events. I usually find the best ones by just asking people I know around me so try that first.  Realtors usually know.  Heres some places you can for a fact find them in your area.

  • Facebook- search for events in your area or do this status update. “Anyone know any networking events around here?”
  • www.MeetUp.com
  • Local Paper
  • Town Welcome Center
  • Ask people you know

Word of Caution

"mlm leads without the internet"If you go into a networking event with the mindset of “I’m going to recruit every person here” they will probably run from you.  Posture yourself as someone of power, a leader, someone people want to be around.  If you need help with that I would encourgage you to check out the godfather of network marketing Mike Dillard.  Some local networking events I have been to are not the greatest.  A chamber event I went to a couple times just had people who are concerned with “me, me, me and my business that, my business this.”  So I personally don’t like chamber events.

What Do I Say When I Follow Up?

You are going to call your new contacts the day after the event.  I always start by saying how great it was to meet the person and make small talk (build raport).

Ron: Hey John Doe, you know when we were talking yesterday you struck as a real sharp guy and I always have my eyes out for those kind of people. Joe, because of who you are I wanted to ask if you would be open to looking into working with me on a very profitable side project if it doesn’t interfere with your ABC Cereal Business?

There are a lot of great scripts you can use but that one is pretty simple, not threatening, non pushy, and straight to the point.

Make it an awesome day!

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