20-30Leads A Day, WITHOUT Using The Internet (Part 1)

20-30 Leads A Day, WITHOUT Using The Internet (Part 1)

This is part 1 of a 5 part series on generating 20-30 leads a day without using the internet.   You may have noticed that when your in action and moving forward sometimes you forget about things like eating, sleeping, and blogging haha.  You may have noticed I’ve cut down on my blogging.  This is because my offline marketing is killing it and I’m writing this post to share with you what I am doing.  This is actually going to be a 5 part series.  In the previous post on The Truth About Free Leads I made fun of the signs saying “30 free leads a day.”  The funny part is that that stuff works but for most people, they don’t have what it takes to make internet marketing a full time income (me being one of them, thank God for my primary business).  So lets take the easier route and show you how to get 20-30 leads a day without using the internet.

Post It Note Mania

I "post it note advertising"have been using post it note advertising for the last month and it works like gangbusters.  What I love about this marketing method is that post it notes can literally be put anywhere!  Check out this picture of what my buddy Chris Paraldi was doing on st. patty’s day lol.  This is extremely duplicatable and works regardless of who you are, where you are, how old you are, and ect.  Using these post it notes there is no way you will not get leads.  The key is placing them in high traffic areas like atms, newspaper stands, busy halls, college campuses, gas pump, and shopping malls is where I have been putting most of mine.  Heres what my ad says and here is how to set this up for free.

Step 1. Google Voice Number 8134215487

You want to get a google voice number for the telephone number on the post it notes.  Google voice is free and has free voicemail.  Once you have created a google voice number make a recording like the one at this number 813 421 5487

Step 2 Post It Note Stamp

Go to staples or similar store and have a stamp made for about $20 that says:

part time income,$750 – 1500 month,
trainers/recruiters wanted,
No experience Will Train,
google voice number

Step 3 Go Post It Note Crazy!

Now this is marketing, its a numbers game.  So while you are out put out several hundred of these.  The more you put out, the more calls you get and the more you will sponsor.  Keep in mind you don’t get calls for every post it note you put out.

Now your choice on what to do with the leads is up to you.  I like to invite them to a live event or if that is just not possible at the moment then here is what I do.  While im talking to them on the phone I ask, “when can I connect with you when you are in front of a computer?”  When I can connect with them while they are in front of the computer I give them my presentation website http://www.NumisPromotion.com and tell them I will be calling them back in 30 minutes after they have watched it.

So get out there and start marketing!

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  • Todd Miller

    March 19, 2011

    Great idea Ron! I think this idea might be even better than drop cards! Thanks for sharing.

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