22 Year Old With No Experience Enrolls 6 Reps Into Numis Network in 21 Days!

Ron Gelok

From the Desk of Ray Higdon

Ron is a good friend of mine. Ron is 22 years old, a fulltime college student at FGCU, has ZERO MLM or Internet Marketing experience…and has enrolled 6 people into Numis Network in the last 21 days from Facebook! How the heck is Ron doing it when others are struggling? Two Words: Discipline and Confidence

I bet you thought I was going to tell you that he had purchased the latest MLM Traffic Toaster Oven or the just released Magnetic Magnesium Oxide that you sprayed upon your screen to mass hypnotize others, no, simple, Discipline and Confidence. Everyday Ron sets a “Go for No” quota that he wants to hit and by everyday going for No, he stumbles upon yes’s!

The beginning of our chat went like this:

Ray: How many MLM’s besides Numis Network have you been in?
Ron: None

Ray: How much formal internet marketing experience do you have?
Ron: None

Ray: How many telemarketing companies have you worked in?
Ron: None

Ray: Then how the hell have you enrolled 6 people from facebook that you do not know in the last 21 days?
Ron: I just Go for No

Sounds shocking? It isn’t. Network Marketing is simply a numbers game that anyone can do. Some people spend 8 hours a day planning their attack, sharpening their tool, but, never actually use their tool. USE YOUR TOOL! LOL

This video is our recorded webinar that was maxed out, I got over 90 emails from people upset that they could not get on! Watch and Learn how ANYONE can consistently enroll people into Numis Network!


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Ron Gelok

I'm a full time home based business entrepreneur. I love to meet cool people, God, Love to skateboard, go fishing, and water sports. Traveling is what I'm into and loving life. I'm here to empower ordinary people to do extraordinary things. The entrepreneurial gene runs deep inside me. I believe in abundance and taking control of my life and future.

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