MLM Easy Button is Here…Or is it?

Good Morning Entrepreneurs!  I was thinking I would introduce the MLM staples easy button. I been holding back for awhile and people keep asking me how im getting new reps and leads.  All I do is press a button.  Basically you press the button, hundreds and hundreds of leads flow in, new reps join instantly ( by the way their all 6 figure earners and diamonds and what not), I don’t have to talk to anyone, and you get big giant checks every day.  Well why didn’t I share my easy button sooner!? Well my friends it cause an easy button doesn’t exist and it never will.

So heres how about a dozen conversations a day go… (im paraphrasing)

raport raport raport

Me: so Joe hows ur biz going?

Joe: well i just started my blog, im studying ppc, and i just got a twitter, so its progressing well

Me: very cool sounds fun, how many reps has the brought you?

Joe: well none yet

Me: Ok ok, well how much has your team grown this month

Joe: none ( or 1-3)

Me: Huh, how many ppl are you talking to a day

Joe: well not every day i talk to someone, but when i do 2-4

So Where’s the MLM Empire?

These guys wonder why their not building an empire.  So many people right now are looking for ways to make MLM simplier.  The funny thing is that in my mind I think MLM is the simplest business.  I mean if it existed back in the stone age, id be a caveman promoting rocks or spears lol.  People try to simplify by becoming an internet marketer!  Does that make any sense!?  I got involved in MLM to make money but wait let me start a new career as an internet marketer first and then just generate a bagillion leads for my biz.  Sounds great and all but chances are its not going to work out immediately, well maybe it will if you have a system and are really dedicated.  Our business is relationship marketing which means create relationships!  Everyday I talk to other network marketers who are struggling, and what it comes down is that they are not talking to other people.  And if they are their missing the relationship part and just spamming them with their biz opp.

The New Easy Button is here…

Are you ready for this one!? Never before have we seen the likes of this tool being used my amateur network marketers to recruit tons of people into their primary biz.  Its here, its big, its bad, you can put food into it, you can put drinks in it, and you will always have it forever!

Its called your mouth!!!  Relationship marketing is simply about creating relationships and then inviting someone to see a presentation to make money with you in a cool business.  If someone is doesn’t like the presentation and its not for them oh well who cares.  If they do, welcome to the team and start working with them.  Maybe turn em on to for some training.

There is no easy button but our business is simple.  Open your mouth, talk to people, make some phone calls, and have fun doing it!  I have a blast everyday and you should to.  If you would like further detail email me at

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    September 5, 2010

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