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3 Keys To Effective Online Marketing

3 Keys To Effective Online Marketing

Have you been marketing online or studying effective online marketing and wondering how to get the results that the trainers and gurus are getting?  As someone who has been marketing online since 2009, has 2 degrees in marketing and advertising, and purchased around 6 figures worth of education and training I’ve found 3 Keys that most education and courses leave out.  It’s a shame that some trainers aren’t fully transparent as that is where most of the breakthrough happens for students, entrepreneurs, and marketers. Today I’m going to bring some simplicity that will carry over all the marketing you are already doing and if you are new you can start off on the right foot! Be sure to watch the video on these 3 effective online marketing strategies at the bottom as well.

Key #1 Effective Online Marketing

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What’s In It For Me Mentality – Another way to say this is, “what is the motives of your heart/message?”  I’ve seen marketers and entrepreneurs create the same content and have similar messages but one outperforms the other. Why is this the case if the marketing looks the same? Some business people would say this isn’t a real tip and “I don’t need this fluff, its just marketing, show me whats effective online advertising!” That attitude is actually an indication that this tip is for you.  Your intent and motives must be pure and genuine to serve a target audience with a specific problem, pain, want, or need and have that target market experience change because of the value you communicate. If your motives are more focused on, “how can I get a sale, new team member, or customer,” rather than what is the best way I can serve my target audience and help them your marketing will not be as effective as it should be and your actually producing a disservice in the marketplace.  Focus on adding value, under promising, over delivering, and having the mindset that members of your target market will be left in a better place than they were before they came across your brand.

Key #2 Effective Online Marketing

Calls To Action (CTA) – A simple way to say this is, tell your audience what to do!  All effective online advertising has strong CTAs.  A call to action calls People to enter their email Address into a Web Form (Capture Page) where you have their email address and communicate with them.  It can also be to leave a comment below on this post, buy now, apply for free coaching and marketing strategy call, get my free gift, and anything else you desire for your viewer to do. Without a CTA your marketing is nothing more than noise and someone at the most feeling grateful for your content which doesn’t produce anything for other than maybe a warm and fuzzy feeling which doesn’t put food on the table nor does it properly serve the viewer.  The reality is that if someone wants the most of your value and experience the greatest benefit by working with you they need to follow your CTA and opt in, purchase, or join you with your what you are communicating effectively in your marketing message.

Key #3 Effective Online Marketing

Exchange of Value – An exchange of value is when a member of your target market exchanges their contact information, dollars, or time for a perceived benefit that you are presenting of offering.  Your ideal prospect says yes ill give you X of mine in exchange for Y of yours. If you don’t have anything like this created yet or know how to create value don’t worry, at the bottom of this post I have an expanded training that shares how to do this along with any tools you’ll need.  Another way of looking at the exchange of value through the eyes of a marketer is what I call…

What’s In It For Them Mentality – What is the benefit to your target market for an exchange of value.  A Free Gift is the best way to initiate the exchange of value when creating an effective online marketing campaign.  Your free gift must promise and over deliver a specific desired outcome for the target audience for effective online marketing.  The worst thing you can do is not deliver and leave a target market member frustrated or dissatisfied.  For example I have a free gift that presents what 6 figure online entrepreneurs are doing to market online and then produce an opportunity for my followers to model the same results and if a person does want to dive deeper they can do so my exchanging the dollars for my value which give them the desired result of being able to grow any business online. To sum this up, detach your mind from getting money and move into the space of unconditionally serving and creating benefits for your audience and the bi-product or result of that is effective online marketing and advertising.

Effective Online Marketing Training Video

Surprising how the simplest tweaks can have the most impact in our marketing.  Depending on your personality type this training may have seemed like an over simplification and may leave you wanting to dive deeper and have me elaborate more on the 3 Keys To Effective Online Marketing Campaigns.  If so click here to Learn More about Easily Create an Effective Online Marketing Campaign.  Just by implementing the CTA (Call to Action) key I immediately starting gaining more subscribers to my email list (which is pumped with more value like this post) and increased my profitability.

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