3 Simple Steps To A MLM Daily Routine

3 Simple Steps To A MLM Daily Routine

One of the questions I get the most is,"mlm Daily routine" “How Do I Create a MLM Daily Routine?”  I love this question because the person asking is really getting serious now and plans on transitioning from hobbyist to professional.  In today’s post I walk you through exactly how to create a daily method of operation so you know your daily mlm routine and recruit 2 – 8 people per week.  If you been looking for a simple 1-2-3 way to build your home based business I want to you feel excited right now, because this is the answer to a solid Daily MLM Routine.

MLM Daily Method of Operation

There are 3 major parts of my daily method of operation, which you want to have as well. I call it the 70/20/10 principle.  This is groups all the activities a network marketer does.

  1. 10% Personal Development
  2. 20% Passive Marketing
  3. 70% Active Prospecting and Recruiting

In the following video I break down my personal daily schedule.  I share all of the profit producing activities, passive marketing methods, and currently what I do for personal development, and also share some of my 17 ways of Generating Leads.  First start backwards with the end in mind, I’ll explain why in the video below.

Network Marketing Daily Routine Training Video

At a job you know all the activities you do everyday and you are capable of doing them and earning an income. The same is true in Network Marketing except too often its like the blind leading the blind.  Freedom to build a business how you want is great but without having a track to run or direction from a coach or strong upline it can be difficult to succeed.  A long your journey people go through different “aha moments.” Get your daily routine down, then you will work on getting more leads, when you get leads you realize you need to be a better recruiter, you become a better recruiter and then realize you need to develop team building, then its time to scale.

What was your biggest thing you learned from this post? Let us know and leave a comment below…

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