3 Step Close To Recruit MLM Leaders

3 Step Close to Recruit MLM Leaders

W"3 Step Close to Recruit MLM Leaders"ant to recruit more reps? Want to recruit more network marketing leaders? The process is very simple in my 3 Step Close to Recruit MLM Leaders.  Today’s Video will explain the 3 questions I use everyday with all my prospects who are viewing my network marketing opportunity. (You can use this in affiliate marketing to find JV partners as well) Use this simple script and share this post with your team so they can start experiencing more results as well. Step up your recruiting game and sponsor more reps with this simple mlm closing script.

3 Step Close to Recruit MLM Leaders Video

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3 Step Close to Recruit MLM Leaders Script

1. What did you like best?

2. Can you see yourself… A. Making money with us here?  OR B. having (fun, seeing results, traveling, ect) with the product?

3. Sounds like you are ready to get started!

I want you to know that this recruiting script is easy and simple and you can do this. If you use this script and watch the training video I mentioned in this post I believe in you and know for a fact you will have the knowledge and the ability to sponsor more network marketing leaders into your company.

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  • Chuck Holmes

    September 10, 2015

    I believe that if you want to recruit leaders you need to become a leader yourself first. Good people aren’t going to team up with an amateur or someone who doesn’t know what they are doing. Provide value. Hone your skills. Lead by example and you will naturally attract quality people into your business.

  • Tony Guthrie

    November 8, 2017

    Good tips. I believe they will prove beneficial. Obviously they have worked for you so I look forward to giving them a try. ~ Tony

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