3 Steps To Go Full Time Network Marketing

3 Steps To Go Full Time Network Marketing

One thing I love about home"Go full time network marketing" business is the speed that some people go full time in Network Marketing.  I was not one of the people that achieved a full time income in a short amount of time by any means.  My sponsor is a great man and 1 of the top marketers and earners in our entire industry, despite that I kind of half listened to him and is one of the reasons I struggled for a long time.  After having a lot of time under my belt and have helped hundreds of others go full time in our industry as well I think its a great time to share 3 Daily Steps to Fire Your Boss and go full time in Network Marketing.

3 Steps To Go Full Time Network Marketing

These are at a minimum what every person in network marketing should be doing on a daily basis.  These activities have a compounding effect.  Our industry is not necessarily direct response.  Its similar to the parable in the Bible about the sowing and reaping. If you would like to learn more about that biblical story in Network marketing click here to read my previous post entitled, The World’s Best Network Marketer.

  1. Connect with at least 3-5 NEW quality network marketers per day on Facebook and simply ask them how their lead generation is going. You want to form new relationships with existing professionals who are having success. Some of the greatest advancements in my business is from experienced networkers coming into the team.
  2. Connect with at least 3-5 quality people in your existing network and find out whats new with them and be listening for pains, wants, needs, and areas you can Bless them with your product or opportunity. Biggest thing here is to be genuine and not phoney listening so you can just prospect someone
  3. Personal Development and Mindset Training 30 Minutes per day. When you become a business owner you have a lot of mental barriers to overcome and unless you are rewiring and training your mind to think in a more powerful way the mental adversities, like rejection and delay of immediate gratification, will take you out.  The person that says, “I don’t need mindset training,” is too often the person that is not taking action and never experiences the results they are truly capable of.

A lot of trainer and gurus may have different daily action plans or number of people you should talk to but the reality is that everyone will agree that you need to be plugged into personal development and adding new contacts to your network.  My friend and neighbor has done just this and actually took a video of himself leaving the job he hated. Watch His Video By Clicking Here. Maybe you are like me and you have/had a great job and a wonderful boss but just knew you were made to be an entrepreneur and help others.  Whatever your reason for being part of our profession, I want to encourage you to be a daily action taker while prospecting, marketing, and personal development on a daily basis.

Is there a challenge you face in meeting these goals? Leave a comment below and I’ll respond with an answer to help you out.

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  • Judy Best

    July 10, 2015

    I’m working a brand new MLM just launched on June 8th, and it’s going pretty well. I find I wake up some mornings, worrying that I’m bugging my friends, making me hesitant to make these daily connections. I’m still doing it, trying to make real connections, not just about the business, but I’d say my mindset some mornings affects my production more than anything else.

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