3 Things That Ruin Your MLM Recruiting

3 Things That Ruin Your MLM Recruiting

When you get star"network marketing recruiting mistakes"ted in a network marketing company a good sponsor will point, guide, and direct you to information on how to get started and what to do first to build your business.  However, most sponsors don’t talk about actions NOT to take that will ruin their downline’s recruiting efforts.  In today’s post I’m going to share some mlm recruiting tips specifically of things not to do.

No Nos for MLM Recruiting

  1. Email Your Company Link/Presentation to Everyone.  A natural idea when you get started is to think, “how can I build this as fast as possible and show a lot of people quickly, ah I’ll email it to all my contacts.” This is a big No No because the way network marketing works best is by personal invitation to see if someone is open first and give you a chance to share your story.
  2. Explaining How The Company Compensation Plan Works. Use your company video presentation to explain the compensation plan and not yourself. The reason you want to do this is it takes any pressure off you, no room for errors, and this is very easy and duplicatable.  The most important part of your residual income is duplicating and your team will do what you do.
  3. Set False Expectations for New Reps. Using Hype and giving someone confidence in hitting unrealistic goals will paint a disconnect with your new reps expectations and their experience.  When things don’t go as well as you said they were, a new rep has the temptation to quit and give up. But if you set expectations realistically this will help keep your rep moving forward when they are start collect some yes and no decisions on joining the company.

Do not spread false reports…” – Exodus 23:1

Making mistakes is part of the process and its impossible for you to be successful without making mistakes or having any kind of failure. The important thing to realize is that even when you do make mistakes you can always start fresh the next day.

“Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each morning.” – Lamentations 3:23

Is there a change you can make in your business today? What did you learn from today’s post?

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  • Val

    September 12, 2017

    Thanks, good read.

    I like all three, especially no.3. I think this is why mlm, networking marketing and referral business gets such a hard time in some places.

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