4 Parts of a Good Website Design

4 Parts of a Good Website Design

In today’s post I’m sharing 4 parts of a good website design to make money.  These tips don’t come to you in order of importance; tip #4 is probably the most crucial.  When someone comes to your website a visitor needs to know that they are in the right place and that they will be helped quickly. Its crucial to have these parts because the average attention span is going down.  Time Magazine recently shared that the average web visitor gives you 15 seconds before leaving your site. So we better going to these 4 tips before your gone…

4 Parts of a Good Website Design

  1. Your Brand Story needs to be about the customer.  Too often websites talk about themselves and how they can help and how awesome they are.  You wouldn’t go up to someone the first time you meet them and talk about how awesome you are  hope they would want to go out with you again, would you? You need to speak in terms of benefit to the customer, think about “what’s in it for them” because that is what they are asking themselves as soon as they come to your site. In this story you can share what life will be like if they DO buy as well as what life would look like if they DON’T buy.  The goal is for your target customer to see themselves as the hero in the story (some people can’t even see themselves at all in the story) and for your business to serve as the guide or helper in the story.
  2. Value Proposition. You need to very simply and clearly say who you can help and how.  One website that is doing a great job of this is using icons or images is CarMax.com A value proposition is what you offer and how it makes their life better.Look at this example below to see how clear of a job CarMax.com does for someone that wants to sell their car."4 parts of a good website"Does this past the 15 second test?
  3. Testimonials. Testimonials are effective to establish trust, create credibility, provide social proof that you can and have helped people before, and pulls skeptics towards trusting you. I wouldn’t put less than 3 testimonials on your site.  If you can provide before and after photos as well, that will be much more effective than just text.  A great testimonial shares a story, who the person is, their problem before working with you,  how easy it was for you to solve their problem, and now how happy they are.  Here is an example of my friend Bob Heilig who did a little bit of coaching with me. This is one of my favorite testimonials because Bob is a massive action taker and I love coaching people who move fast.
  4. Clear and Simple. Is your site laid out very clearly and simplistically? If it takes too much time to figure out what you do or how to even request your services, you lose. Remember less is more and you only have 15 seconds to capture a website visitors attention.  Good marketing will repel as well as an attract so the more clear your messaging is the more clarity your potential customers will also have. The most simple way to do this is to tell your visitors what to do. This is known as making a “Call to Action” or CTA.  Be the guide in your story and tell people where to go to get their concerns and problems satisfied.

So does your website pass the 15 second test? We hope you enjoyed “4 parts of a good website design.” We want to know how you are doing online.  Please leave a comment below.




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P.S. Remember to follow this, “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all of these things shall be added unto you.” – Mathew 6:33

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