4 Steps To Get Network Marketing Team Growth

4 Steps To Get Network

Marketing Team Growth

Have you ever wanted network marketing team growth but something seems to be holding them back?  You are doing all the right things as a leader like 3 way calls, team calls, presenting and webinars, contests, 90 day blitz, and maybe even giving them leads but they are just not producing.  As a licensed minister I have come to find out that there are not only skill set barriers that stop people from growing a network marketing business but their are also strongholds that chain people emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  Knowing how to break free of these shackles will not only unlock duplication and growth in your business but my 4R’s Process has the power to change people’s lives.

4R Method For Business/Life Breakthrough

Now, I’ll give you some very specific tips for network marketing team growth at the bottom of this blog post but lets tackle the more important thing first.  From a biblical standpoint I have found a process that breaks the strongholds and chains that hold people back.  Now, you may not agree and may not be a Jesus follower and that is ok.  This post is for people who have tried everything else and are still not getting results.  It is for the person that may have some blocks, perhaps they are spiritual, don’t rule it out. The followers of Jesus that want to follow Luke 4:18 and help set people free that are held captive in life.  This method will not be solely for network marketing team growth but you can use this in any business or life blockage and break free biblically.  This method may appear a little unconventional but sometimes we need to unconventional things to nonconventional results.

4R Methods for Breakthrough

  1. Repent – Try to think about what the root may be where something is holding you back.  What happened to you that may have planted a seed that has now grown into some mental weeds that are choking you out from growth.  Once you become aware of this, you may need to repent(change direction), let go, forgive or something similar.  This is where it is great to invite God to lead you and show you what to do.
  2. Renounce – Renouncing is specifically saying, “I disown this thing and it is no longer a part of me.” This step is kind of like cutting the chord/ties to the enemy that has chained you or your team mate up.
  3. Restore – God restores what the enemy has stolen from us.  This is where you pray and invite God to restore you in this area.
  4. Renew – The Bible shares that we are transformed by the renewing of our minds. This happens by reading/hearing the Bible.  Your are replacing the old patterns and places where you were stuck with Biblical empowering truths.  It is best to focus on whatever the opposite of your enemy is.  That way you build up renewed strength.  Think of it like this, if you have weak bi-cep muscles you do arm curls to build them up, if you have a hole in your car tire you patch it to strengthen it, if your body is thirsty you drink water to satisfy that desire.

Now here is the key with the 4R method. Don’t just arbitrarily approach your team mates and make them do this. We can not and should not try to control people. Your team mates have to be coachable and its better to ask permission than try to give unsolicited advice.  I believe that people have to want the change for themselves.  Ideally you can share this blog post or video with them and let me do the heavy lifting with them. You can make your own kinds of resources and videos as well that can help them.

Now after you use the 4R Method you’ll want to use these network marketing team growth tips with your downline.  Please go through the 4R method first because it is setting you up to build a foundation for network marketing team growth.

Network Marketing Team Growth Tips

  1. Paint the team with recognition and acknowledgement.  People often have a strong desire to be seen, approved, and accepted.  This is also a method of conditioning and building culture inside of your team.  Recognize those who are taking action, getting results, and trying hard towards the actions you want to see in your team.
  2. Don’t try to motivate and pump up your team.  Rather lead my example and inspire them with your results.  People who are taking action and getting results are attractive.  If you teaching and speaking from an authority position you have to be practicing what you preach.
  3. Teach to Teach. A lot of people give this tip but don’t explain it.  Teaching to teach means answering team mates questions in a way that they can also answer if the same question is asked of them.  If you are getting the same questions over an over again this a great indication that you may want to create some kind of resource for you team that you can leverage instead of having long phone conversations that sucks up your time.
  4. Do not allow any threats, abuse, or “if you do this, then I’ll do that.”  So many networkers are desperate for their team mates to produce or for this one super star person that they know to join the team that are willing to bend over backwards for it.  The reality is that this is weak posturing and this kind of networker is modeling the wrong leadership style which will do more harm then good.
  5. Never stop personal production. You never want to stop personal production because you will then be modeling this behavior to your team mates.  You always want to be looking for coachable leaders that you can help.  Plus this continues to model “leading by example.”
  6. Get Your Team to Company Events.  This is such an underrated and underused tool.  Company events build belief and motivate team members to believe that they can build a larger team.  My company actually has 4 large events per year.
  7. 90 Day Blitz.  This is basically when you and your team set high goals for yourselves to try to talk to a ton of people every day.  There are contests, prizes, calls, leaderboards, and a lot more.
  8. Invest in personal development.  This is a pretty standard one across the board.  How much personal development do you need in network marketing though?  I have talked more about my 70/20/10 blog post that breaks down how you should be spending your working hours as a network marketer.
  9. Network Marketing Education. No matter how long you have been in business whether your a newbie or 20 year veteran you must continuously learn. Pride will stop you from learning from other leaders and trainers.  I see a lot of people plateau at different levels in their business and the biggest thing that stops them is an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. Good is often the enemy of best! Don’t ever think you are too big to learn something new.  I have another blog post called 18 Ways to Increase Duplication in Network Marketing that in my opinion is a short cut in your mlm education.

What did you learn in this post? Please leave a comment below and join the conversation.



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P.S. Remember to follow this, “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all of these things shall be added unto you.” – Mathew 6:33

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