#1 Solution For Network Marketers Period (Learned this the hard way)

#1 Solution For Network Marketers, Period

(Learned this the hard way)

If you are building a network marketing business opportunity I believe there is one trait that evenetwork marketing business opportunityry leader and top earner has.  At times this business  can be like a roller coaster with emotional ups and downs.  However, a roller coaster always stays on the track.  The one trait that I see every successful marketer having is consistency.  Successful people do the things that they don’t necessarily want to do even when they don’t feel like doing them.  That’s really what separates’ everyone from success in any industry. 

In this post I will address what I see every successful online marketer doing, some of the hardships in building a network marketing business opportunity, identify my own problems (which you can relate to), and most importantly provide a solution.

For the month of January I took the time to work not so much in my business but on my business idento tify strengths, weaknesses,  threats and opportunities for growth. AKA a SWOT analysis.  I do this every  6-12 months(probably should do it more frequently to be honest).  Let me identify a strength and weakness I experience;  maybe you can relate.  

In the past and currently we have been very strong at getting new people started and getting them into profit asap.  Hint hint: want your people staying in longer than 90 days? Get them making money there first week asap. If you are part of my team you will have noticed that we have been growing in spurts or bursts of energy because I probably take too much time to work with the new reps and slow down on actively prospecting.  I bring a group onboard and run with them.  This is great for the new reps but if you think about it, what is one of the holy grails of network marketing business opportunities? DUPLICATION!  I would be telling my team to do this and do that and they are experiencing results but in the mean time I would stop or slow down for short periods to focus too much on the team.  Teach your team how to duplicate but do what you say constantly and consistenly.  If your telling your team prospect 5 people today, you better be prospecting 10!  So to solve this I’m being more selective on who I allow into my business and making my priority to continuously prospect and recruit regardless when superstars come onboard.  Check out the criteria for my team here.

Your team does what you do and if you stop prospecting guess what may happen?  After talking with one of my best friends and mentors Ray Higdon I learned that the number one thing you can do for your business opportunity and team is to never stop prospecting and never stop recruiting.  Monkey see monkey do.  A network marketing business opportunity is not a get rich quick scheme and it will take a few years of consistently building to achieve financial freedom.  However, where else can you come into a business with $500 or less and have unlimited income potential with a 3 year retirement plan?  You can be fresh out of school, just busted out of the joint, have an MBA, PHD, LMNOP and it doesn’t matter its all the same process.

A threat I see to my own and others success is distractions brought by so many leaders.  I’m not putting anyone down at all because there are some incredible leaders out there with a world of knowledge but, you just have to make a decision on who you will follow and work with.  People have different styles of building a network marketing business opportunity like online marketing, social media marketing, and then offline.  Where I see people flying off track is with all the bells and whistles of blog plugins, fancy softwares, super hype hype webinars, and products that are sold to us to guarantee success but never happens.  I call this the “ooh shiney syndrom.” A roller coaster goes through loops, spirals, and all kinetwork marketing business opportunitynds of craziness but it stays on track.  How to solve this distraction is pretty easy.  What I did was unsubscribe from other leaders and marketers and just focused on 3.  I found the top 3 producers in my primary company and I follow them.  I’m going to strictly do what they do, say what they say, and act like they act.  If you want to be successful you have to find the people that have what you want and you do what they do.  No more reinventing the wheel.  Take back that laser target focus and keep it simple.  Contact me and I’ll show you who I learn from.

Opportunities for growth I see is working on yourself.  Recently I started reading more about marketing and prospecting, meditating every morning, eating right, and working out.  The most valuable asset you have as a network marketer is yourself.  The more you can improve yourself the more value you can bring to others.  Since I have put these things into a daily plan of action I find myself filled with joy, feeling better about life, accomplishing more, and earning more.  It doesn’t matter if you are in a network marketing business opportunity of not, Y.O.U.  will always be your greatest asset.  As you make improvements to yourself your confidence grows which makes you more attractive to prospects.  A simple way to know if you are in the right place is to ask yourself, “would you sign up with you?”  I hope that answer is always no because then you are not a victim to complacency and you will relentlessly become better.

 I believe it was Brian Tracy who said, “ if you spend 1 hour a day in your chosen field for a year you can become an expert in that time.”  What would things be like if we took just 1 hour a day to prospect, or market, or work on yourself.  Comment below and let me know what your ideal life would look like.  That’s one of the best things you can do for your network marketing business opportunity. 

Maybe you are like me?  I would really like to know your thoughts are on this post.  Share with me below your plans or something you may want help with.  Make it an awesome 2011!

To Your Success!

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  • Brian Roberts

    January 27, 2011

    Great Blog Ron! I like what your saying, I often catch myself over training my new team mates and getting caught up by distractions. In the morning I find Meditaion helps me gets centred for the day and I think everyone should make it part of their daily sched.

    Cheers! Hope the weather is nice down in Florida its kind of rainy in BC today.

  • gelokron

    January 28, 2011

    awesome brian, very true!

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