7 Steps To Starting an Online Business

7 Steps To Starting an Online Business

Starting an online business is easier than some might believe.  There are a lot parallels to traditional brick and mortar businesses but with the exception of a lot of upside benefits.  Since 2009 I’ve run an internet business and have failed with many different strategies, products, and opportunities.  During this time I’ve had the privilege to be part of some and witness 1,000s of failures and hundreds of success stories emerge from the thin air of the digital marketplace.  (which is how most online businesses start, pff an idea occurs and a business is born).  I’ve learned that every successful business that I have been a part of has 7 core steps that are absolutely crucial for long term sustainability.  In today’s video blog training I’ll be sharing these 7 Steps to Starting an Online Business and how you can easily start your business today.

I’m going to spare you the knucklehead obvious steps like writing a business plan or buying domain names.  This post is the crucial 7 elements required for starting an online business that has worked extremely well for me.  What this post is not, is a list of resources with the ulterior motive of selling you garbage.  After today’s post and video you will have an understanding of what is required for any online business to work on a long term sustainable basis.

7 Steps To Starting Your Online Business

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    God is Your Source – As a christ centered business coach I can’t emphasis this point enough as the foundational element on which your business must lay.  What this means is that your dedicate the business and carry the attitude that God is CEO and you are a manager whose job is be an excellent steward and worker in all things that you do.  Your marketplace is also your mission field and your work is committed to not only bringing value to others but Glory and Honor to God with how you conduct yourself, your working relationships, your products/services, and the message you stand for in the digital space.  Your identity, sense of worth, and security is not altered with the rise or fall of a business but remains constant and secure because you believe God is the author of success and your source.  You seek God not only for His provision as a source for all good things in our lives but also simply because of who He is and His Love for us.

  2. Your Mindset – A weak mindset has taken out some of the most talented entrepreneurs.  One must come from the perspective that you are not here to get rich quick but provide genuine value to the marketplace.  An opportunity seeker has a short life but an entrepreneur is willing to persevere and go through learning curves that are required.  When I came online, I didn’t make a profit for 6 months and continuously failed my way forward.  This picture will really illustrate some of the differences in mindset that an online business must have to start and run successfully.
  3. "Starting an Online Business"Content – Information that serves your target audience.  Content is blog posts, articles, videos, webinars, and other forms of information that provides value to a specific group of people.  It is better to have quality content than a large volume of content.  The better you know the audience of people you would like to speak to and serve the easier it is to create content.  I follow the problem solution model.  When you know the wants, needs, and pains of a target audience you can create content, products, services and as a way to provide solutions that solve an audience’s wants, needs, and pain.  A simpler way to say this is, “put yourself in your audience’s shoes.”  Focus on delivering value to your audience then leads and money is a bi-product of excellent content; provided that you have a strong CTA (call to action), which we will talk about in a upcoming post that will be sent out to subscribers of this website.
  4. Lead Generation – At a minimum an online business owner should be acquiring 10-20 new leads per day.  A lead is when someone has entered their email into an “opt-in” form aka a capture page/form in exchange for a specific benefit.  Lead generation occurs because of an exchange of value.  The prospect’s email address in exchange for a benefit.  You may notice the “opt-in” form at the top right corner of this page as an example.
  5. Follow Up – Acquiring a new lead doesn’t mean they will buy day 1 with your first exposure.  I encourage you to have multiple ways to follow up with your leads. At the very least an online entrepreneur should have a short email follow up series that is sent to new leads.  For leads that leave phone numbers I or my team personally call all qualified leads to learn how we can best serve them.  2 Ways I see follow up being done that a big fan of is text messaging and re-targeting.  Text messages, in addition to email, are instantly sent to a new lead and the relationship begins.
  6. how to start an online businessMonetization – The ability to generate a revenue thorough your Web site or blog. Monetization can be from affiliate programs, e-commerce, premium content, advertising, coaching, selling your own products and services or any form of revenue generation.  A healthy mix of monetization includes tiered product levels such as: low ticket items, up-sells, cross-sells, additional info-products, software, tools, resources, trainings, events, services, coaching, done-for-you, masterminds, one time purchases, and my favorite monthly recurring subscriptions.
  7. Traffic – Notice how traffic is last in these steps.  Traffic is the number of website visitors a website page receives.  There is a common misconception in internet marketing that the solution to everyone’s business is to simply get more traffic.  Traffic is actually the easiest part of starting an online business but can seem difficult, hence why there are so many training products around traffic.  The problem with most online businesses is not traffic but the quality and communication of the offers made to your leads/audience. There are no traffic problems only offer problems.  Without having steps 1 – 6 set up properly the amount of traffic you get doesn’t matter.

If you are a beginner to intermediate online business owner the best way to understand these 7 steps and start an online business is to run with a coach and/or training platform.  A quality training and mentoring program outlines what to do step-by-step (preferably with videos), like I’ve modeled in this post, gives you access to ALL the tools you need, has step by step training videos for the how to’s, a CRM for lead generation management/follow up, and most important is very easy and simple to use for someone who has never made a dime on the internet.

When I first came online I bought a lot of different courses, trainings, and went to seminars to try and figure it all out.  Most of the time someone had an agenda to just make some money off me and I had a bad taste in my mouth about investing in courses and trainings for awhile.  Now I am extremely thankful I found a platform and training system that not only trains me but all of my coaching clients as well.  If you are considering starting an online business or desiring to learn how to market and scale your existing business I highly recommend you take a 10 day trial with My Lead System Pro. My lead system pro is responsible for training myself and over 100,000 other marketers since 2008.  Someone who has zero experience online can learn from My Lead System Pro and build a business online.

Which step in today’s post was most effective in your pursuit of starting an online business? Leave a comment below…

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