7 Ways To Create More Time Freedom In Life

7 Ways To Create More Time In Life

Are you tired of working all the time? Would you like to have more time in your life to not just do the things you want but for once take a rest? In today’s post I’m going to share the little known time bandits that rob us of our time.  After today’s post you’ll have 7 Ways To Create More Time In Life so you take captive the level of time freedom that every entrepreneur should have.

7 Ways To Have More Free Time

Today’s tips are not in any specific order but I will say I am leaving the best for last.  Leave a comment below on this post to let us know what your favorite time freedom tip is; we read every comment.

  1. Leveraged Activities – Have you ever heard, “Work Smarter Not Harder?”  Leverage work activity is required for the entrepreneur in order to scale any business.  I’m not talking about leveraging capital today but more so people, processes, and products.  There is an illusion that you can be a one man band or solo entrepreneur.  So for example: instead of having 1 on 1 meetings with each team member or staffer, have 1 large group meeting via google hangouts, or webinars on air, or similar online conferencing platform. In this one example you are leveraging and condensing your time and leveraging a technology product to create greater communication and having smoother team management.  If a person can not make the meeting or is out sick Webinars On Air automatically records all of your meetings and puts it on youtube which makes it easy to share with team members who are out or in different time zones.
  2. Time Blocking – Very similar to scheduling except those around you also know your schedule and the time can be effectively used productively.  This method of scheduling creates greater visibility in your time and business and reduces enemies of your time from engaging you when not appropriate.
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    Delegation – This can be a hard one for a lot of entrepreneurs.  We often feel that, “no one can do it better than me.” Now it’s possible that they may true but one of the biproducts of a great entrepreneur is to empower other people to be their best.  When you delegate your work to others it creates more time freedom for you, empowers another person, affirms them (if you communicated properly), and is also piggy backing off tip #1 of leveraged activities.  The one who wins is not who does the most themselves but does the most and still has time freedom.

  4. Pre-planned Accomplish List – At the end of your work day make a “to-do” list for the next day.  Now this is simple in itself but are you doing it?  When I write down the tasks and activities I want to accomplish for the following day my mind is free from the burdens of work and gives me greater peace and less time is spent mentally thinking about work.  You’ll find that this simple exercise takes 2 minutes and has just created hours of stress free thinking knowing that everything you want to do for the next day is already planned.  Now it is easier for me to be fully present with family and other people around me.
  5. The Power of No – Learning to say No to new projects, work, and responsibilities is powerful in itself.  Increased success doesn’t necessarily mean increased work load. Often time when you work at Home people assume that you sit on the couch with a bag of potato chips munching away so your free to run errands, volunteer, and take on the demands of other people.  Not always the case, guard yourself and your time by saying to opportunity when appropriate.
  6. Create Multiple Income Streams – One thing I have done in my life is over time, create multiple income streams.  This doesn’t work for everyone but I have found that multiple sources of passive residual income has served as a tool to give me time freedom to serve God and empower others.  What I desire to do with my time is help & empower people, be with God, and have a lot of fun.  One tool I have used to leverage income streams and opportunities is learning to market online with a simple system.  As I have learned online marketing I’ve been able to grow multiple income streams.
  7. Wait Upon The Lord – I want to leave the most powerful tip for last this 1 powerful principle that may seem unproductive, especially to the achiever/performer, but stay with me today.  Have you ever heard the expression, “good things come to those who wait?”  Yea I don’t really like that expression either because its a bit of a myth and the expression is not stated in its entirety.  The true statement is, “The LORD is good to those who depend on him, to those who search for him.” – Lamentations 3:25.  Another way to say this, good things come to those who wait upon the lord.  So I want to end this list with saying that the highest and best use of your time  is to spend time with God

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The Enemies of Time Freedom

One of the largest enemies of your time are negative people, I affectionately call them “Negative Nancy and Hating Harry.”  People’s emotions and mentalities rub off on each other so I want to caution you today be conscious of who you surround yourself with and the quality of your thinking.

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