Fastest Start for Numis Network UK Members

Fastest Start For Numis

Network UK Members

It’s an ex"Numis Network UK"citing time for Numis Network members as just a few days ago, September 1, was the official start to the pre-launch in the United Kingdom!  It’s a rare opportunity to be in a network marketing company prior to the launch of an entire country.  What I liked is the fact that people in the UNITED KINGDOM CAN JOIN FOR £1, pretty crazy I know.  You can actually build a business for £1??  I’ve never heard that before, isn’t pre-launch beautiful?  Ok, well enough about that.  Today’s post is going to show you not only how United Kingdom Numis Network reps can have a very fast start but also how reps in the United States and Canada can have fast success.  I’m going to give you a 5 step plan and 3 different ways to talk to people about your business.  This is guaranteed best way to start.  This guide is what I have learned from Numis Network training.

5 Simple Steps to Grow Your Numis Network Business

1. Schedule the Date For Your Grand Opening/Private Business Reception (PBR)

The date should be no more than 2 weeks away.  This is a small social gathering, held in your home, to introduce others to your Numis business.  You should also have a goal to enroll 2 contacts prior to this PBR.  (If you don’t, don’t you dare let that stop you from doing a PBR)  We do this so you have 2 teams to start building.

2.  Create a Contact List

The average person age 21 knows about 2,000 people.  You may not be able to recall all of them all at once, but whether you like to believe it or not, you know a ton of people!  Make a list of a minimum of 100 people.  I would use the contact and follow up list provided by Numis Network in your quick start guide.   A great way to start building your list is people in your cell phone, your check book, work contacts, and I would use the list of professions Numis provides you.

3.  Invite Your Contacts

Invite your people to your Grand Opening PBR.    You should invite as many people as you can that you would normally have at your home for a party.  Keep in mind that most will not show or be able to make it.  People will cancel, its just human nature.  Those that can’t make it schedule them to watch the presentation at or or you can do a 1 on 1 presentation if you want.  Do not go into detail about the opportunity! This is what the presentation is for!

4. Follow Up"Numis Network UK"

Always follow up with the people you’ve invited to your Grand Opening PBR.  One thing I like to do is ask everyone to bring something.  “John, could you do me one favor?  Can you bring a bag of ice for us?”  If you know people are expecting you to bring something to a get together its hard to say all of a sudden, oh hey I’m not coming anymore.  Follow up is where your fortune is made in this business.

5. Presentation

Conduct your Grand Opening PBR for a group of your closest contacts and have fun!  Play some music before you start, serve light refreshments like lemonade or veggie tray.  Whatever but dont break the bank here.  This is also why I ask people to bring something.   Now your upline can either do a presentation for you in your home, you can do one, or what most people do is just play the video.  You can play the presentation on your computer or if your on my team I’ll mail you a DVD of myself doing the presentation or one of At the end simply ask people to join.  I like to say  that I am serious about this business and tell people why I joined Numis Network and then ask them to join.  I have some apps printed out from the back office and pens handy and I pass em out. That’s it!

3 Different Invites

1# Opinion Respect

This is one of my favorite approaches because it consistently works all the time.  Just be real, honest, and authentic with it.  I use this approach mostly with people of high stature of those I have a lot of respect for…also those with big egos haha.  This approach works so well because you are operating with honesty, integrity, and simply asking for feedback from someone you look up to.

Hey ______, I recently started my own business with Gold and Silver and I’m really excited about it.  I know you have ____(insert something they have done or something about them here) built a successful ________business or you are one of the sharpest people I know, because of who you are and what you’ve done I have a lot of respect for you( or other compliment here).  Would you be willing to look/check out my business and give me your honest opinion about what I’m doing?”

You would!? Awesome, thank you so much.  Can you come over to my house on __(PBR Date)__ I’m having a few people over for a grand opening.”   If they can’t make it send them the video and ask, “how soon can you watch it?”

Approach #2

Would you be open to making some extra money with me if it didn’t interfere with what your currently doing?  Ok great, come over to my house on __(PBR Date)__ I’m having a few people over for a grand opening.”   If they can’t make it send them the video and ask, “how soon can you watch it?”

Approach #3

Hey______, can you to help me out with something.  Can you watch  a video I’m going email/send you?  It’s really important to me and I want to get your feedback.  Its a new project I’m working on, how soon can you watch it?  Ok, I’ll call you at ____time to see what you think.  (If they keep asking you what is it, say its a new project I’m working and I need you to watch the video for me, if they won’t watch it, “ok i gotta go).

"Numis Network UK"Now not everyone is going to want to host a grand opening but whether you like to believe it or not it is the quickest and easiest way to ensure that your UK Numis Network business gets off to a solid start.  It should be a requirement that everyone does at least 1 meeting.  Its important so you know how to help someone on your team that wants to do these meetings.  If you don’t do one why should expect anyone on your team to do one?  Monkey see, monkey do!

If you have yet to secure your spot in Numis Network you can join my team if and only if you meet this requirements.

If you decide to position yourself TODAY the only commitment this time is just £1. Yes you can enroll for just £1, then build your income up over the next 2 months for the official UK launch on November 1st.

However I am not looking for anyone & everyone.

At this time I only want serious, committed & focused leaders.

Please DO not enroll if you are NOT serious I only want people who are the 3 C’s…

1. Committed
2. Coachable
3. Consistent

Here’s what I recommend you do first watch the short video presentation & then optin for more
information here… Be sure to select UK market at the top right corner

Click on the join now button & you will see the UK special pre-launch offer


When you join Numis Network today for only £1 you are securing your position at the absolute ground floor level of our company’s expansion into the U.K. – Europe – and the rest of the world. Your timing could not possibly be better!

You get to be one of the first people in the country to be part of our explosive growth.

Don’t miss this impeccable timing.

Even though you’ll be able to join as an Executive Representative for only £1, you still get all the online tools you’ll need to help you to maximize your team’s growth during this Pre-Launch period.

If you have question my number is 908 399 5686 and my skype is rongelok

Be Blessed and look forward to working with fellow leaders,

"home based business leader, online mlm leader, uk mlm leader, uk numis network leader"Ron Gelok

skype: rongelok

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  • Michael Harrington

    November 2, 2011

    Hello excellent review on a excellent company. I have always loved investing in Gold and Silver. Numis looks like one of the market leaders. Getting a Silver nestegg is the way to accumulate wealth.

  • Ron Gelok

    March 14, 2012

    @Michael Harrington – indeed michael, couldn’t agree more

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