Who is Ron Gelok?

Ron was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey and moved to Southwest Florida in 2006 where he currently resides in Naples.  Ron has a unique desire to be the best in everything he tries.  He is avid skateboarder and has been skating since the age of 13.  He is a christian and acknowledges the good Lord for everything good in his life.  He’s a pretty funny guy but treats his business seriously.

Born an entrepreneur, Ron started his first business at the age of 11 which was lemonade stands all summer long and when business was slow he and his team sold candy bars door to door.  This made him realize that he wanted a business that was not only profitable but allowed him to work together with others while having fun.

But there was a turning point in Ron’s life when he knew he was meant for greatness in life.  We all have moments in life that shape us.  When he was young boy he watched as his family sold there furniture for meals to eat.  He and his family lost there home and moved into a leaky basement with the ceiling to low to stand up straight.  It could have been a lot worse if God wasn’t watching over them.  It was during that time that Ron knew that if he wanted a certain life than he would have to make it happen himself.  Thus becoming an entrepreneur was the only way to do it.

At the age of 18 he started a successful real estate investment company.  The company grew and the steps to a life that Ron wanted was in his grasp.  The money was great, but things weren’t how he imagined.  He was working long hours every day and every night, constantly stressing and wondering if his deals would close, if the bank would the approve the buyer’s loan, permits, and inspections, having to deal with tons of paperwork, and a huge overhead.  Often times felt like he was running an adult day care!  No matter how much work he did and how many sales he made every month he had to repeat the process and start over at Zero every month.  He was trying to stay afloat aboard a sinking ship.  This was not the dream he had as a young boy.

As the economy was changing so was his business.  He was working harder than ever for less and less money.  In all honesty it was his own failure to adjust and change with the new economy that caused his real estate business to fail.  It was a pretty frustrating time.  About that time Ron let his business go under and went back to focusing on school.  About that same time he was introduced to Network Marketing aka his new Plan B, and made a decision to build his business part time while attending school.  He attended Florida Gulf Coast University and received a degree in Marketing and Advertising.

After attending the school of hard knocks with real estate and attending 4 years of college from a state university you think Ron would have no problem getting a safe and secure Job.  Well it was to his surprise that there were hundreds of over experienced, over qualified, desperate candidates applying for the same Jobs Ron wanted.  Regardless of his degree and entrepreneurial experience he was competing with professionals that had 10+years of experience and advanced degrees.  Well his options were go back to school or move back home and live with some entry level job back home like most of his friends.  Ron decided to start putting more effort into his part time home based business and go back to school.  After all he wanted to best be prepared for life ahead of him.  Society has taught us go to school, get good grades, get a good Job, and retire rich to enjoy the golden years.  Ron was painfully finding out that, that system is broken and wondering what he was going to do.  Good thing he had started his plan B part time.

Ron continued with school and continued to build his business part time. But something was happening to him while in school.  It was almost like going through puberty all over again! Ya see, Ron came to the realization that school taught him how to have a Job and work for someone else.  Nothing wrong with this except Ron knew he didn’t fit that mold.  It was like trying to take a triangle and make fit through a circle hole.  He witnessed a few people lie, cheat, and climb over each other at times to make it up the corporate world and didn’t like that at all.  He wanted to be part of a place where people helped him succeed, shared goals, were positive, got acknowledgement and appreciate for production, and a place he could feel proud and fulfilled to be part of!

Ron went to his company convention awhile back and saw something powerful.  It was the light at the end of the tunnel.  Something had clicked in him and he had made a decision to make his home based business Plan B work.  It was a pivotal moment!  So he put his head down and went to work, following his home based business sponsor’s guidelines, building online and offline, and strictly following the company system.  Ron struggled like most do learning the ropes and trying to make it “his own way.”  After finally wi

After several years Ron is now a professional network marketer and is outwardly focused on others.  Ron is someone who wants others to be successful.  He puts his focus and energy into getting others to make money from home.  Bottom line is he gets results.  Consider his team leader breeding grounds.  Since his start in network marketing:

Won Company Incentive Trips

Became a Top Recruiter in his Business

Became a Skilled Online Marketer

And has helped hundreds of people make money from home online and offline

Ron finds his fulfillment in helping others and seeing their results.  Ron now lives happily in Naples Florida where he works from home helping others to live their dreams.  When he isn’t working he is serving with a non profit ministry his mom started, skateboarding, skim boarding, traveling, and having fun.  His goal is to always be helping someone else reach their goals.  You can make it to the top but if no one is following you, your not a leader, and if your at the top all alone, your not a leader your a lonely hiker.  Ron is not going to be a hiker and wants to help you create a realistic dream lifestyle like he has.


“Recently I attended a 4 day workshop in Texas. I had the good fortune to sit next to a young man named Ron Gelok. I was amazed by his accomplishments and captivated by his knowledge of the business.

A few days later I was on a conference call with him for almost two hours. Ron taught me more in that short time than you can imagine. His experience in the real estate business is extensive. His is clever, efficient and knowledgeable beyond his years. To anyone considering signing up for anything with Ron I would suggest you don’t wait another minute. I have learned more from this “Kid” in a short time than I have from many expensive seminars over the years.

In closing, to anyone Ron may approaches, take a minute and listen you just may learn a thing or two. Donald Trump watch out Ron is on his way!”

Kathleen M Battaglia
Real Estate Investor

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  • Arnold Watson

    August 4, 2011

    Ron, I can relate to your story completely. I am glad that you have found your success!

  • Dave Brethauer

    September 20, 2017

    Ron, was on the SAN call that just completed. I would like to take you up on the offer of you 4 session class but I have to much on my plate at this time. Would you be so kind to let me know when you run this class next. If I’m able to get some things off my plate, would like to take this.

    Thanks for a great call!

    Warm regards,


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