Are Recruiting Friends & Family The Most Difficult?

Are Recruiting Friends & Family

The Most Difficult?

Recruiting friends and family a lot of people have mixed feelings about.  Have you"recruiting friends and family" ever felt so excited and happy about your new business venture and journey into Network Marketing only to have your dreams, excitement, and new decisions crushed and criticized by those who are supposed to encourage, support, and even join you in your new journey!?  I’ve been there before and some of my immediate family has said negative things and hurtful things that made me question my decision.

Friends and Family – Difficult or Easy To Work With?

The people that know us are familiar with our pattern of working, living, and personality etc.  When you step out from what you have been doing to pursue a greater life and aspirations for God, Family, Work, anything its often those around that can be our biggest advocates as well as our biggest critiques. I quickly found this biblical personal development principle to be overwhelmingly true when I got started in network marketing…

And they took offense at Him. But Jesus said to them, “A prophet is not without honor except in his hometown and in his own household.” 58 And He did not do many miracles there because of their unbelief.” – Mathew 13:57-58

Jesus was unable to do any miracles or anything because his family and people in his home town did not believe in him and who he was.  Harsh reality indeed for anyone.  I’m thankful that Jesus knows exactly this feeling.

In network marketing the reason I found friends and family difficult to work with is:

  1. Skeptical about Network Marketing
  2. Lack of Belief in Me or Company/Product
  3. Simply not a fit or interest to them

Despite the unbelief and lack of support this didn’t stop Jesus from pursuing his purpose and those same reasons shouldn’t stop you as well.  Jesus kept going, kept persisting until his death where he said the words, “It is finished” and breathed his last breathe in John 19:30

Watch this video clip below that will explain more about people that in a perfect world should all be supporting us.  Interesting how we can view this and how Jesus dealt with this…

Recruiting Friends and Family Tips

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