Avoid Spinning Wheels in Home Business

Avoid Spinning Wheels in Home Business

Archaeologist have determined that the wheel was invented about 8,000 B.C. in the region of Asia.  Since that time man has been using this simple invention in just about everything.  They didn’t try putting 8 sided cogs on cars and creating diamond shaped basketballs.  Or pehaps they did, but they obviously don’t work and that’s why we don’t have them today.

The same is true inside of your home based business.  As entrepreneurs when we first join a business we have a tendency to want to do everything our own way and work our plan, right?  After all I mean you are the best, no one can do it as good as you, right?  haha entrepreneurial curse sometimes.  There is nothing wrong with working your plan.  I read and study a lot of different successful people inside and outside of our industry in an effort to know what they know and do what they do so I can have at least the same level of success.  If you want what they have you have to do what they do.

Today heres a video on reinventing the wheel.

I’m all for innovation and pushing forward.  I create new trainings all the time.  We got people generating 30 leads a day with the craigslist training.  Whats important here is, can everyone on your team do what your doing?  If Steve Erkel is talking to Barack Obama, Napolean Dynamite talking to Richard Branson.

Whats key here is duplication.  Network marketing is a business of duplication so everything you do your team should be able to do as well.  Now I am not talking about Internet marketing here.  Most of your team will not want to do internet marketing are they are way easier ways to generate leads.  Like this webinar on 25 different marketing methods you can use to grow your home based business.  So if what you are doing is not duplicatable you may want to ask yourself if you should be doing it.  Its not what works, its what duplicates.  You are in home based business for the residual income and you need to be able to lead others to the promised land by working a simple  system.  If your not then, ouch I’m sorry.  Its not to late though.  If you are looking for a mentor, reach out to me.

Have you ever felt like this?  What do you think about Innovation in home based business? Leave a comment below

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  • Michael Berry

    September 17, 2011

    Appreciate you sharing your Avoid Spinning Wheels in Home Business post Ron. I love a post that has real value. Thanks for your contribution Ron. Take care, Michael

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