Battlefield of The Mind

Battlefield of The Mind

"battlefield of the mind"Today’s message is shared by a dear friend of mine, Peach Hardy, a band member of “I Am Alpha and Omega,” owner of 2 successful brick and mortar businesses in Flemington NJ, man of God, Faith, and a loving husband. Peach lives his life purely dependent on God and works as God’s employee in all he does. He inspires me, motivates me, and thankful to call him a friend. Grab a cup of Coffee and come listen in! Click Below to Listen in…



God has been using this dude mightily and I’m super psyched to hear from him

Thinking It ==>  Speaking It  ==> New Creation

Don’t React to Evil, Respond to It! What is the truth about your situation, what does the Word say!?

You Have Power to Create

Look up Ephesians 4:24 and 4:8

We correct our thinking by speaking empowering Word of God, we correct our speaking by thinking on the powerful Word of God!

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