Best MLM Prospects

Best MLM Prospects

In this post I am training How To Find the Best MLM Prospects using faceb"best mlm prospects"ook and all kinds of other social media. My favorite and most effective way to use social media in your network marketing business is connecting locally with your customers, prospects, and potential distributors. Every team that I have built using a local strategy has better retention, higher duplication, and we have a lot more fun with the ability to have get togethers, meetings, and team vacations.

How to Approach the Best MLM Prospects

A simple mlm prospecting script you can use when connecting with people online is this: “Hey Name noticed you also like XYZ and are in my local area. Your profile looks cool, figured I’d send you a send request. Cool To meet you, whats up!?”

How to Sponsor the Best MLM Prospects is the same as I have trained in the videos I email for those that enter their email address in the box at the top right.  The key is really getting any prospect to have a reason to watch your presentation that will help them or stop a pain they have. Speak in terms of benefit and use their words back to them. For example if they say they want to start a new income stream to pay for their kids school demonstrate to them in your video how following the program will help them achieve that.

How to Recruit the Best MLM Prospects

What did you learn in this video about the best network marketing prospects?

Leave a comment below.  For more free training I recommend this video Click Here For A Free Video On The Best MLM Recruiting Tips

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For more free training I recommend this video Click Here For A Free Video On The Best MLM Recruiting Tips

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