"better than network Marketing"

Better Than Network Marketing

What’s Better Than Network Marketing?

"better than network marketing"When I first found network marketing I was a flat broke college student with a few hundred dollars left to my name.  I had done well as a real estate investor flipping single family homes and understood leveraging your time and passive income. But, when I heard about MLM I thought what in the world could be better than network marketing?  Since being in the profession since 2009 and helping hundreds of others leave their jobs and thousands of others earn an income in our space online I’ve learned some secrets that usually top earners only do that I want to reveal to you today. Be sure to leave a comment below this post with your thoughts.

Better Than Network Marketing?

It’s true that network marketing is one of the most highly leveraged businesses in terms of income and time freedom that one can have.  However, most struggle in this profession because of numerous factors that I won’t go into in this post.  Some of the top earners in our profession have gone on to write books, hold events, sell training courses, become coaches, etc and they likely should!  Here is the twist!  What if you could start doing that yourself now?  Is that even ethical?

“Ron, I don’t have any credibility or success why would anyone listen to me.”

Depending on where you are, this may be true.  It was for me when I first started so I needed to borrow from other people’s success, stories, and credibilities.  (one of the reasons I did a ton of 3 way calls for recruiting) Even if you are not familiar with a specific industry leader once you start consuming their content, blog posts, training course, and etc they become an expert in your eyes.  What if you could point people to experts in order to build you network marketing company?  If you don’t yet have credibility or any success that is the exact reason why you need to be sharing other expert’s content and courses so you can demonstrate some and attract people to you.  Would you rather work with someone who doesn’t have answers and is blind leading the blind or someone who is aware of trainings, courses, and experts that they can learn from and grow their teams with.

“See, whats better than network marketing is to still get paid when someone says NO to joining and becoming a distributor.” – Ron Gelok III

Have you ever thought about having an arsenal of done for your products, websites, recorded webinars, and other resources that automatically brand you like an industry leader and do all the selling for you?  When I first came online I had one skillset which was recruiting but couldn’t build fast enough for the income I wanted.  So I started marketing online to attract other leaders to my business and used leveraged the websites and capture pages in My Lead System Pro to build multiple businesses online.  See what I mean about this in my video below.

Whats Better Than Network Marketing Video

Have you ever considered getting paid now while you build you network marketing company.  I mean think about it, you are recruiting and prospecting anyway, so when someone is in our industry and the answer is no, what better way to still help them, demonstrate your leadership and leave the door open than sharing some training with them.  If you would like to learn more about how MLSP can help you grow your network marketing business and any other business online Click Here To Watch my Video Overview.

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