"Blogging the best online marketing"

Blogging The Best Marketing Strategy

Blogging The Best Marketing Strategy

"Blogging the best online marketing"What is the best marketing strategy? Blogging, Facebook, Instagram, and so many other platforms are competing and which is best to use?  Can we effectively market on all these websites or which is the best online marketing to do?  I’m a big believer in owning your media and building up some digital real estate so today we are going to talk about blogging.  My goal with today’s post is provide you with some value and hopefully you decide to become a blogger as well to grow your business online.

Blogging The Best Content Marketing

The number #1 reason I believe in blogging is that it is a form of media that you own.  Blog posts are like digital real estate that plant a stake in the ground and wave a flag in search engines that say, “hey come look at me, I’ve got what your searching for.”  Your blog is something you own.  It’s not like a Facebook Fan page or YouTube channel that can randomly get shut down one day because people don’t like your content of flag your posts.  Unless you own your media and content you are not in control.  A blog is something that I believe is the best form of content marketing and can be “the Hub” for any business online.  A blog someone can get to know you, your products, services, and it is a highly effective means of marketing communication.  In addition to blogging, all of the other methods you may be considering like Facebook marketing, instagram marketing, periscope marketing, youtube marketing, and even twitter marketing are all trumped by blogging for 1 simple reason… You own your media can share your blog posts and content on those same marketing channels.  I don’t want to invest a ton of time and effort on any of those social media platforms know that it can all be taken away one day.  Very scary stuff if you ask me.

Best Content Marketing Strategy

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