Bringing In Big Dogs Faster Than Bees Swarm to Honey

Ever heard the phrase opposites attract. Pretty much thats true with magnets and thats about it.  So how can you attract leaders to you like a high powered electro magnet!? Everyone wants to bring on leaders in their organization.  I see it all over facebook and I’m tired of it.  “I’m looking for leaders to join my business” “Ground floor opportunity leaders wanted.”  Thats pretty much the same thing as saying im looking for someone that works really hard, makes lots of money, and wants to give me their money while I sit back and eat doritoes and watch American Idol.  Anyone who is a leader is not going to say to themselves, “oh ok they been looking for me, wow another ground floor opportunity! I’m in lets go, sure ill be your winning lotto ticket!”

You wanna know the secret to bringing in the big dogs?  You might not like what I’m going to say but I find its better to be real than write an article with a bunch of fluff to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.  After all we are here to make money, haul ass, and change lives.  The second you turn IT on is when it starts making sense.  You wanna attract leaders to you? Be that leader that your going after then!  Its harder to recruit up then it is down.  If you grow and develop into a leader more people are attracted to you because of who you are.  As you move forward, recruit more, and grow stronger your team takes a notice.  Whenever I do something to move out of my comfort zone and show my leadership I get about a dozen calls from my team.  People who are the same gravitate towards each other.  Your success will attract other people’s success.  Once you level the playing field the leaders are just like you and who cares if they join or not. Not you lol.

A friend of mine recruited one of the top guys in the world from Lead System Pro which is the number 1 attraction marketing system on the internet.  The prospect called him and asked, “Why should I sign up with you?’ My friend’s response was, “maybe you shouldn’t.”  See when you are a leader you have a certain posture where you really dont give a s@#t who joins or who doesn’t.  That is very powerful and your prospects can sense that in you and when they do that is attractive.  Attraction marketing works on all levels regardless of who your prospect is.

Your plan for today.  Take a step forward to move out of your comfort zone and demonstrate your leadership to your team.  Set up a local meeting, do a conference call, or the number 1 best thing you can do for you team…start recruiting like a mad man and when your team sees this watch how they step up their game as well.

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I'm a full time home based business entrepreneur. I love to meet cool people, God, Love to skateboard, go fishing, and water sports. Traveling is what I'm into and loving life. I'm here to empower ordinary people to do extraordinary things. The entrepreneurial gene runs deep inside me. I believe in abundance and taking control of my life and future.

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  • Raza Aziz

    October 29, 2010

    WOW Ron! You hit it bang on! In order to attract leaders, you have to be a leader. Robert Kiyosaki always says in his books and audios, it is not necessarily what you have to do to become rich but who you have to be or become in order to be rich.

    If you are a leader you will attract leaders. So the question is who is a leader? You answered that as well. The one who is consistent, disciplined and is willing to move out of the comfort zone and empower others to do the same.

    AWESOME Post my friend!


  • Todd Miller

    October 29, 2010

    Love the point about “when you are a leader you don’t really give a s#@t about who joins or who doesn’t”. I have taken that on as my way of thinking. The serious people will join me.

  • gelokron

    October 29, 2010

    thanks todd you got it man, just keep that attitude its very powerful. You also build this business stress free

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