"Build Relationships In Network Marketing"

Building Relationships In Network Marketing

Building Relationships

In Network Marketing

Relationship building in network marketing is the fou"Build Relationships In Network Marketing"ndation skill set required to do well in any company.  Something weird usually happens when a person joins a network marketing company for the first time and they forget to simply be normal people and be relational.  The problem is that there is the ulterior motive of signing someone up or having them join your business when you are talking to them and because of that network marketers communicate really weird sometimes.  The truth is that people are not turned off by Network Marketing, they are turned off by Network Marketers!  In Today’s post I want to show you a way that you can build relationships in network marketing without being weird and staying authentic and genuine.

Build Relationships In Network Marketing

The first goal of my favorite entrepreneurs are to serve.  When talking with people your motive and intentions need to be those to love, serve, add value, and simply make a friend.  If your thinking about how soon you can show the presentation to this person as soon as you say “hello” you may be in a selfish state and this attitude will hinder your connecting.  You’ll find that there are people that you may not want in your business after you talk with them and get to know them a little but if you immediately “go for the kill” and prospect them with the first words out of your mouth, not only is that ineffective but its really weird. It’s like going up to a stranger and first thing you say to them, “would you like to the movies with me right now?” That’s just weird, right? So the underlying motives and intentions of your heart must be pure, servitude, connection, love, and to add value to other people’s lives.  If you would like more help on what to say, you may want to Click Here to pick up my Social Media Recruiting Script Book. When you are in this state the entire business just becomes easier and it takes a lot of pressure that network marketers put on themselves.  See what I mean in the video below

Video: Building Relationships In Network Marketing

Can you feel the difference in carrying the attitude of servitude in your actions?  A lot of entrepreneurs are all about going for no and hitting your numbers which is great, but without the genuine relationship touch I find that you are not effective as you normally could be.

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