4 Steps To Get Network Marketing Team Growth

4 Steps To Get Network Marketing Team Growth Have you ever wanted network marketing team growth but something seems to be holding them back?  You are doing all the right things as a leader like 3 way calls, team calls, presenting and webinars, contests, 90 day blitz, and maybe even giving them leads but they…

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"Social Media Posts That Sponsor New Reps"

Social Media Posts that Sponsor New Reps

Do you want to build a bigger team but find it difficult to find time to prospect and learn new strategies to recruit? Check out today’s video because I have a killer strategy that I have already made $2,000+ with by just making a Facebook Post. My friend Lisa has now had close to 100 people reach out to her requesting samples and presentations of her business. Pedro has recruited 9 people in the past 30 days and there are much more testimonials to share! Check out the video below for the details

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"facebook network marketing profile"

Network Marketing Facebook Profile

Network Marketing Facebook Profile- How should your Facebook profile look if you have a network marketing business? Should you be using two different profiles, one for personal and one for business? How many friends should you be reaching out to or adding on a daily basis?

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"bad upline support"

How to Fix Bad Upline Sponsor Support

Do you have a bad upline or bad sponsor in your home business? Maybe your upline is very controlling or just plain mean? Is your sponsor “old school”

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How To Get Customers in Network Marketing

How To Get Customers in Network Marketing Recruiting and sponsoring representatives seems to be the focus of most professionals in the home business industry.  However, there is a problem with solely focusing on recruiting which can lead to a unhealthy and unstable organization. In today’s post I’ll explain why you need more customers than representatives…

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"mlm company shutdown"

MLM Company Shutdown

What to do in an MLM Company Shutdown If you are reading this post today my hope is that a MLM company shutdown has not happened.  Whether the MLM company shutdown or your company is undergoing a merger, it can be almost equally as damaging.  After several years of building my first network marketing company…

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How to Get Facebook Prospects on The Phone

How to Get Facebook Prospects on The Phone Have you even been prospecting on Facebook and not exactly sure how to get the person on the phone?  Have you felt afraid or unsure of what to say to successfully get their phone number without coming across as a creepy sales person?  I have felt weird…

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18 Ways To Increase Retention in Network Marketing

18 Ways To Increase Retention in Network Marketing How to increase retention in network marketing is something I’ve had a huge problem with years ago.  If you are adding representatives to your organization just as fast as you are losing them then today’s post is for you. I’ll share how to reduce attrition and increase…

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Getting Pitched While Prospecting

Getting Pitched While Prospecting on Facebook?

Have you found yourself getting pitched while prospecting on Facebook or other social media sites? You are trying to recruit and promote your business but then your prospect pitches you!

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How to Follow Up in Network Marketing

How to Follow Up in Network Marketing Follow Up in Network Marketing is where the money is really made. You may have heard one of the leaders in your company say, “the fortune is in the followup.” Sadly, a lot of network marketers struggle with this vital closing step. This literally is thee most important…

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Prospecting Recruiting Strategies For Network Marketing

Prospecting Recruiting Strategies For Network Marketing After 18 years of failing in any business, I would have given up a long time ago. But my friend Lisa Torres did not! After 2 years on being on unemployment I would have felt pretty depressed but the tenacity of today’s trainer is simply impressive.  Today I have…

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"recruiting friends and family"

Recruit Friends and Family Script

Script: Recruit Friends and Family When we get started in network marketing we are taught to make our list and prospect our friends and family.  I don’t actually agree with going after your friends and family with the angle of gaining new distributors.  When I show up to a pizza shop for the first time…

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My Lead System Pro Overview and Review

My Lead System Pro Overview and Review Today’s blog is a straight forward “My Lead System Pro overview and review.”  This is a system I have been using to grow businesses online since 2009 and I use this tool suite just about everyday.  There are 4 main elements of my review today I hope you…

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"Direct Sales Script"

Direct Sales Script

Direct Sales Script Being a naturally gifted salesman is a skill-set that not all of us are born with.  However, with the use of a direct sales script we can become a great recruiter and sales person without sounding pushy or feeling awkward.  The use of scripts is the sign of someone interested in progression…

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How To Get Your Team To Duplicate In Network Marketing

Duplication in Network Marketing How to get your team to duplicate is a topic I love training on because I’m speaking to the more serious network marketer.  Duplication is a topic that is of interest to the person who is already recruiting and has a team.  Just because someone can recruit doesn’t mean they can…

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