"recruiting friends and family"

Recruit Friends and Family Script

Script: Recruit Friends and Family When we get started in network marketing we are taught to make our list and prospect our friends and family.  I don’t actually agree with going after your friends and family with the angle of gaining new distributors.  When I show up to a pizza shop for the first time…

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"Direct Sales Script"

Direct Sales Script

Direct Sales Script Being a naturally gifted salesman is a skill-set that not all of us are born with.  However, with the use of a direct sales script we can become a great recruiter and sales person without sounding pushy or feeling awkward.  The use of scripts is the sign of someone interested in progression…

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How To Get Your Team To Duplicate In Network Marketing

Duplication in Network Marketing How to get your team to duplicate is a topic I love training on because I’m speaking to the more serious network marketer.  Duplication is a topic that is of interest to the person who is already recruiting and has a team.  Just because someone can recruit doesn’t mean they can…

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"better than network Marketing"

Better Than Network Marketing

What’s Better Than Network Marketing? When I first found network marketing I was a flat broke college student with a few hundred dollars left to my name.  I had done well as a real estate investor flipping single family homes and understood leveraging your time and passive income. But, when I heard about MLM I…

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MLM Cross Recruiting

MLM Cross Recruiting What do you you when your team is being cross recruited? Have you ever been the victim of a cross recruiting merge in network marketing?  Do you know what one the big illegal activities is in MLM that can cause a tremendous amount of damage!? Not sure what cross recruiting is?  In…

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"Build Relationships In Network Marketing"

Building Relationships In Network Marketing

Building Relationships In Network Marketing Relationship building in network marketing is the foundation skill set required to do well in any company.  Something weird usually happens when a person joins a network marketing company for the first time and they forget to simply be normal people and be relational.  The problem is that there is the…

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Network Marketing Daily Routine

Network Marketing Daily Routine Have you ever wanted the perfect network marketing daily routine? This would consist of exactly how you spend the time you have in your business, how many people to talk to per day, where to get leads, and also who not to spend your time with.  In today’s post I’m going…

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10 Instagram Tips for Network Marketing

10 Instagram Tips for Network Marketing When I first learned about Instagram I ‘ll admit I was skeptical to see if it really could be used for network marketing.  I didn’t really understand how it worked and how the heck could people build relationships on Instagram.  My friend April is a top earner in her…

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Facebook Recruiting – Phone or Chat Messenger

Facebook Recruiting – Phone or Chat Messenger Facebook messenger and the phone are the two most vital communication tools of today’s modern day network marketer.  I talk and coach a lot of network marketers and too often they want to avoid using the phone. While you can recruit people online without ever picking up the…

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Social Media Recruiting Training Class

Want To Recruit Your Dream Team For Any Network Marketing Business? After personally sponsoring over 300+ representatives into multiple network marketing companies using mostly Facebook and social media.   I am proud to announce the very results oriented Social Media Recruiting Training Class.  This class will meet for 1-2 hours once a week for 3weeks and…

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Network Marketing Closing Tip – How To Overcome Maybes

Network Marketing Closing Tip How To Overcome Maybes Have you ever been stuck when you are recruiting for your network marketing business because your prospect said those dreaded words, “maybe I’ll join?”  As professionals you need to collect a decision, yes or no, every time all the time.  Our job is to present and close.…

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Lies of Part Time Network Marketing Building

Lies of Part Time
Network Marketing Building

There is a common misconception in network marketing when it comes to building part time. People who have heard the 3-5 year part time building plan are going to be shocked in today’s post. In this video I expose one of the lies about part time network marketing building and the solution.

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Sponsoring Network Marketers

Sponsoring Network Marketers Sponsoring existing network marketers is my favorite people to work with and recruit. A lot people wonder who are the best mlm prospects. People with a lot of influence and large networks are the obvious given but where a lot networkers are sitting on untapped potential is this target audience of existing…

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"christian network marketing"

The Best Network Marketer In The World

The Best Network Marketer In The World Have you ever wondered how some people are just able to build their network marketing business no problem and while others struggle? Well…what If Jesus was a network marketer? Do you think he would struggle or have any problems? Did everybody accept him or did he experience some…

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3 Things That Ruin Your MLM Recruiting

3 Things That Ruin Your MLM Recruiting When you get started in a network marketing company a good sponsor will point, guide, and direct you to information on how to get started and what to do first to build your business.  However, most sponsors don’t talk about actions NOT to take that will ruin their…

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