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VIDEO: Little Known Recruiting, Sponsoring, and Prospecting Tip

Little Known Recruiting, Sponsoring, and Prospecting Tip

Today’s post is a short and simple video on how you can connect and recruit more of your leads and build your business faster.  This is something I personally been doing for years and never really thought much of it until I realized how many people I’ve signed up and sold products to. Now I have a powerful recruiting and prospecting tip for your MLM.

Most Uplines Don’t Teach This Powerful Strategy

Simply because they don’t know about it.  This strategy is so easy and its a way for you to get more out of your money, time, leads, and energy.

Enjoy this Video on Recruiting, Sponsoring, and Prospecting Tip

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MLM Lead System

MLM Lead System

MLM Leads

An MLM lead system is a tool for anyone who is serious about creating a full time income in the network marketing industry.  Without an MLM lead you have no one to talk to and can not build your front line forward. The successful professionals in every industry on the planet have a systematic approach to doing business and as network marketer you may want one as well.

Ron before MLM Lead System

Before I found a MLM Lead System I was prospecting everyone in my contact list in my cell, cold calling business cards, chasing my friends and family until I was put in the NFC (no friends club).  No one would take my calls.  I had managed to sponsor quite a few people despite my setbacks but still wasn’t enough to have a solid organization.  I didn’t think I could market online, I thought it was this illusive subject that was just too hard to comprehend.  I was no guru and had no credibility why would people listen to me? Despite my apprehensions I knew I wanted an mlm lead system that would finally generate leads of people who wanted to work with me and buy from me.  So I gave the mlm lead system a try!

Ron after MLM Lead System"mlm lead system"

I started first by checking out the mlm lead system to see if I thought I could do it.  Once I was in I simply went through the video step by step instructions and followed the system.  I actually made a video below of what it looks like in the back office.  I implemented some of marketing strategies with the pre-made system campaigns and simply began to market.  Here are also my real results.  Now what I do is a little bit of daily marketing and I have people to talk to about my business everyday! I probably shouldn’t be showing this but the truth is its working for me and heres whats happened since I got an MLM Lead System…

  • Sponsored #1 Income Earner (canada)
  • Won Company Vacation Package
  • Rank Advanced to 4 Star Manager

Here is the proof about having an MLM Lead System

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Script for MLSP Voicemail Leads

Script for MLSP Voicemail Leads

Now that you have MLSP its a good idea to know what to say, today we have a script for mlsp voicemail leads.  For those of you who may not know what MLSP does for your network marketing business.  See the last post on MLSP to understand about free mlm leads, automated marketing, traffic, affiliate commissions, and people joining your primary business without you pitching  them. Today we are going over the best voicemail script for MLSP leads.

Best Time to Call MLSP Leads

Most of the time my MLSP leads don’t answer the phone when I call.  The majority of marketers I talk with experience the same thing unless you call right when the lead comes in.  Sometimes I hear my voice in the background from a video they may be watching.  You always want to call your leads and let them know you are here to help.  Calling right when a lead comes in,(even if they haven’t finished watching your video) is the best time to call. Other than that I’ve found between 5 -9pm is prime calling time for me.

2 Voicemail Scripts for MLSP

You: ” Hello, (prospects 1st name), this is (your name) and I was referred to you.  Call me back at 908 123 4567.”

MLSP attracts people who are familiar or already in network marketing.  Using this “i was referred to you” approach the prospect usually thinks your calling for their primary business so although vaque message it gets call backs.


You: “Hello, this is (your firstname) and I’m getting back to you… you requested some information from my website about how to successfully build an MLM business.  I work directly with the best internet marketers on the planet who generate well over 7-Figures and can show you how to explode ANY MLM business.  Head back to, again that’s, for more information and feel free to call me directly if you have any questions at (your telephone number).  I look forward to connecting with you and make it a great day!”

When they call back you inform them,

You: ” you came across my website at and I’m calling to see how I can help you out.”

I like MLSP’s 25 daily voicemail campaign.  They say 25 leads daily but my 13 year old brother has been able to get as much as 74 leads in a single day.

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Script to Call MLSP Leads

Script to Call MLSP Leads

A lot of leaders in use marketing systems to grow their home based business.  If you do not have people to talk to consistently to grow your network marketing business you don’t have a business.

What is MLSP?

"online mlm mentor"

Ron and Top Online MLM Mentors

MLSP stands for My Lead System Pro and it is the #1 Attraction Marketing System on the internet.  The industry’s top marketers and networkers use this tool because there is no BS and hands down creates Results.  MLSP teaches newbies who have had 0 success, seasoned veterans, and 6 and 7 figure earners.  The system gives you a way to generate leads every day, earn affiliate commissions, and create a steady lead flow of people who want to know more about you and your business.  Most importantly what it does is help you sponsor more people every week consistently and its a tool I use that I didn’t need much computer knowledge or any internet marketing experience.  This is MLSP.

Like any other business you need a way to operate professionally and have new representatives and customers coming in daily.  If you don’t have a system or an up line that teaches this, you may want to evaluate where you are.

MLSP Leads

Now that you have a system and are creating leads.  What do you say to them?  When do they buy? How do they join my business!?  Slow down cowboy

You need to find out what a person’s need is and then provide a solution to them.  In order for someone to do business with you, they need to know you and trust you.  It is nice that MLSP’s automated marketing brands you as a leader and gets your prospects trusting you an opening up with their problems so you can help them.  When you call your MLSP leads here is something different you may not here.


"how to talk to mlm leads"I know that sounds weird but try this, instead, connect and offer value.  Your goal is to have someone asking what it is you do and wanting to work with you.  When you don’t pitch (which is what people are expecting) you position yourself powerfully showing your prospect that you don’t “need” them, they need you.  People don’t know what they don’t know.

Find out what it is that is hurting them the most… is it the fact that they’ve run out of people to talk to belly to belly?  Are they tired of using corporate replicated websites that simply do not work?  Are they tired of struggling to generate any leads to their business?  Do they hate their primary company? (heck, you might get a sign-up in your primary business right on the spot!)

Here is what you can say to prospect like the Leader you Are


MLSP Script

Hello (lead firstname), my name is (your firstname).

I’m getting back to you because you responded to a website of mine requesting some information on how to successfully build an MLM business.  Have you had a chance to review the websites?

* So Mr. Prospect, Do you have any experience in the network marketing industry? (***Make sure you’re using their first name often!***)

* How long have you been in the industry?

* What business are you promoting?

* How have your results been up to this point?

* How are the leads coming?  Offline / Online?  What is your sponsor / company telling you to do to generate leads?

* What are some of your goals in the next year with your business?

* What do you think will be required for you to hit those goals?

These questions allow you to understand and know where your MLSP lead is while connecting and building rapport. 

Now Provide Solution

You: Ok Mr. Prospect… well what if I could provide a solution for you.  What if I could provide a duplicable system that you and your team could plug into that would get you online TODAY with the exact sales funnels, websites, and marketing approach that every single top earner in this industry uses. Do you think that could help your business?

MLSP has a 2 week trial period where anyone can try it out, evaluate if they like the tool, and generate some leads.


Be sure to check out the next post on MLSP Voicemail script.  What do you say if someone doesn’t answer the phone?

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How to Sponsor and Recruit Faster in MLM

How to Sponsor and Recruit

Faster in MLM

Today’s post I’m teaching 2 advanced MLM recruiting tips that you can use to sponsor more in your home based business or network marketing company.  These mlm recruiting tips are used by the best Leaders in our industry and are 100% free.  You can watch this video below and start seeing results to help you sponsor and recruit faster in MLM today.

MLM Recruiting Tips to Sponsor and Recruit Faster


Hopefully you enjoyed these MLM recruiting tips on how to sponsor and recruit quality people into your network marketing and home based business opportunity.  The system I learned these tips to help me sponsor and recruit faster in mlm are from My Lead System Pro.

Be Blessed,

"numisleader" How Ron Sponsors at least 1 person a week

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MLM Success BBQ

MLM Success BBQ

You know Barbeq"Success BBQ"ues are some of my favorite times.  But in order to have the perfect BBQ you need 3 things for every Barbeque. You need people, meat, and a grill man.  Just like success in network marketing there are 3 aspects I’ve experienced are crucial to your life and business.  Sorry if you were expecting a real BBQ

Internal Communication

Your thinking and what your mind is hearing dictates your level of consciousness.  Put positive empowering ideas and philosophies into your mind that will influence you to make an impact.  The quality of the voices will determine the quality of your consciousness.  If you are so filled up with empowering messages from places like the Bible, Jim Rohn, George Zalucki, Mark Yarnel and other greats, when the negative thoughts and feelings creep in you’ll remember the vision you are working towards and the power of the positive messages that your consciousness and unconscious mind are hearing. yea thats right, place some stuff when you go to sleep, why not?

External Communication

They understand people and the right ways to communicate with them.  For example 1 certain personality type is 35% of the population and another type is 15% of the population.  You want to understand how to communicate with certain kinds of people and what kind of coaching will work for each one.  Understanding personality types is a bonus skill thats going to cut years off the learning curve.  Create and provide value for people and then communicate it.  People are looking for more.

Technical Knowledge (How To)

This is the easiest part to learn.  Your company has a system of what to say to people, has a presentation, and has all of that.  If you have a strong upline or a resource to learn how to prospect and recruit you will be fine in this regard.  If your looking for a strong upline I would see if you make the cut here.

4 Ingredients "what am i missing?"

Now with these aspects of the Success barb-b-que sandwich we have some seasoning to spice it up. Bam!

Time – Network Marketing is a long term plan.  It is not get rich quick.  Its build for 3-5 years and have the freedom to walk away and create the time freedom you want.

Energy – You are going to have to consistently output effort to talk to people.

Frustration – When we learn something new will experience a level of frustration.  We then learn how to ride without training wheels on the sides and can ride straight.

Change – We tend to avoid change because it sometimes feels uncomfortable.  If you want something you’ve never had you might have to do something you’ve never done.  Life is too short so embrace change and take action.

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The Top Professions Already Geared to Be Successful in MLM

Best MLM Prospects Already Geared

 to Be Successful in MLM

The truth is that some peole because of their professional background have already had the simple training of certain activities involved in a successful home based business.  Anyone can be successful in this type of business as every representative comes from a different walk of life, experiences, and has a different daily schedule.  It’s cool to know that I’m part of a business that no matter who you are, your education, where you came from, or how much money you make you can absolutely change your life with a home based business.  Today’s post is diving into certain careers and personalities that are already perfect fits for our industry.

Best MLM Prospects by Career

  • Direct Sales/Networker Marketers – Duh! Do I need to explain this one?
  • Teachers – Incredibly gifted communicators, great organizers and self starters.  They set up a curriculum or strategy to follow with an expected outcome and stay consistent following their plan.  Love it!
  • Artists – These people love the creativity of the business and their ability to think outside the box gives them a step up.  They "best mlm prospects"also get to express a little showmanship.  These creatives need something like a home based business to give them the freedom they desire to pursue their creative passions. Think broad when it comes to artists, think craftsman, painters, singers, landscapers, performers, florists, chefs, dancers, actors, writers, photographers, poets, you get the idea.
  • Nurses – Nurses are some of my favorite people!  I have a lot of respect for nurses as they are dealing with cranky sick people all day, are under incredible pressure, at risk of disease, can be very stressful, long hours, chronic staff shortages, and they do this job anyway because they love helping others.  How can you not appreciate that!? They have a natural genuine desire to help people and that personality trait makes them a perfect fit.  They also become nuturing leaders.
  • Engineers – Engineers have a unique gift which allows them to be creative and disciplined.  Visionary engineers are quick to spot the potential for this business.  They love recognittion which this business is filled with.  They are able to stay focused on work a plan to accomplish their goals.
  • Salespeople – These guys are no brainers.  They have charismatic personalities, motivated by reward for results, are coachable, and love talking to people.  However, sometimes these people have to be retrained as network marketing/mlm is not about being a super salesperson.  It’s about building relationships and presenting an opportunity and letting the prospect decide for themselves.  Hard closes in this industry are usually a NO NO.
  • Health Professionals – They have the credibility and confidence to be a success.  These people traditionally have very high overheads and not a lot of time.  Because of this they have to work long hours and don’t get to spend the time with their families that they would like to.  We provide a perfect opportunity to break this pattern and help these people.
  • Support Professionals  – Counselors, HR people, administration, and service professionals rank high on this list of professions.  Their training provides them with a head start for mentoring and training their team.  They have advanced interpersonal training and skills.  They are people persons!

The perfect system to learn to attract the best mlm prospects is called My Lead System Pro and its made to practice attraction marketing for network marketers.  Attraction marketing works by attracting the best mlm prospects to you by sharing the value inside of MLSP.

Almost all of these people have had training that relates to home based business.  Most have the personalities that are fun to be around and attract others.  After all home based business is really fun and you want to be around people that share the view that business should be fun while being professional.  Here is another post on exactly how to find the best mlm prospects on social media sites like facebook.

How To Approach the Best MLM Prospects

A"best mlm prospect"ll of these people are the best prospects for your MLM business because they are great people persons and we provide a solution for them.  You can use one of the bagillion + prospecting methods I’ve taught on this blog or recap and have a physical copy of Little Black Book of Scripts which taught me to be the excellent recruiter I am today.  I love to talk to people that are in the same job or industry I am.  Before I found home based business I was a real estate investor so I can talk that talk and know how to communicate well with people related to that field and share similar frustrations and solutions.  Make it a point to ask everyone what they do.  When they say, “oh I am a _________.”  Respond with, ” oh wow, you know _________ do great in my business.”  Can guarantee you that 9 out 10 times you will be asked what you do.  I usually respond with, “I show people how to get gold and silver for free and make an income at the same time.”  Most of you will have to say something else as you may not be working with me in a business that rolls off the tongue like this.  Another simple approach is to simply ask, “Hey john, I know your a sharp guy and very busy in your ________ business but would you open to lucrative side project with me if it didn’t interefere with your current business?”  Some great approaches you can start using now.  The best of the best if def in Todd Falcone’s Little Black Book of Scripts.

If your in our industry, what’s your profession and what attractted you to this business?  Leave a comment below

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