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How to Be Happy

How to Be Happy

We all have different circumstances and live different lives.  However, we all have a chance to respond or react to events in our lives.  Will the person who just cut you off steal your joy or do you have the power keep your cool and be happy.  How to be happy seems like a silly thing to talk about but most people aren’t even aware.  Most people just drift day to day, week to week, hoping for things to get better. Continue reading

How To Build Network Marketing When You Don’t Have Time

How To Build Network Marketing

When You Have No Time

Time is a limited resource and your most valuable asset.  The problem is we have so many different things pulling us in all directions all the time it can be hard to find time for your home based business.  This blog post will teach you how to build an MLM business when you have no time.  Whats funny about time is it in the only resource I know that every person has been given equally, 24 hours a day.  Warning, this may be a little hard to swallow but medicine usually doesn’t taste good. Continue reading

How To Eliminate and Conquer Fear That Holds You Back

How To Eliminate and Conquer

Fear That Holds You Back

The one force that I know everyone encounters is Fear.  Fear to talk to someone, fear of becoming great, fear of the opinions of others, and other kinds of fear that cause us to stop.   Now don’t confuse what I am talking about with being uncomfortable.  When we are uncomfortable I’ve experienced the greatest growth in my life and in my business.  Fear is a force that stops us from becoming great.

Continue reading

Hasty Harry’s Hectic Home Meeting Story

What Not To Do at

Home Business Meetings

Home meetings to grow your network marketing business are one of the most effective and replicable profit producing activities you can do, period.  Everyone has a home and a TV so everyone can do home meetings, pretty cool.  If you have never done one before here are some tips on what NOT TO DO.  The best way to share this is tell you a story about my friend, lets call him Hasty Harry…

Home Based Business Meetings

"MLM Home Meetings"

Top Producer, Ron presenting at Home Meeting in Naples FL

Hasty Harry just started his new business and is getting ready to have his Grand Opening, his first home meeting!  Hasty Harry is excited to say the least.  Harry and his sponsor will be doing the meeting together.  His sponsor told him:

  •  Make a list of 100 people and invite them all. We are shooting for 10-20 people to attend.
  • Tell them you started your own business, your having a grand opening and would like them to come to your get together to share what your doing and support you.  You don’t have enough time to go into the details but just come to your get together.
  • Let the sponsor run the meeting and just pay attention and watch what I do, consider tonight as practice

The thought of 100 people being in Hasty Harry’s house was a little alarming.  So Harry decided he would call 20 people instead.  That’s more than enough people to be at my house…so he thought.  Out of the 20 people he called 15 said they would come, wow! Harry was pumped even more than before!  Harry told his sponsor, “don’t worry I have great friends and they will all be there.”

Harry didn’t count on last minute cancellations and no shows.  The people said they would be there right!?  Well its now 7:15 and we are 15 minutes late to start Harry’s meeting.  4 guests have showed up on time.  Even though people got there on time, harry is too concerned with all the people who aren’t there! The guests seem a little put off by this, understandably so, they are there on time and are ready to see what Harry is so excited about.  Harry is kinda sad and depressed by all the no shows, but continues on with the meeting.

Harry’s Sponsor is very supportive and comes over to do a live presentation, pretty cool. (we usually use DVDs or live presentation).  The presentation is going along great, but Harry keeps interjecting and asking questions about pay plan, training, and minute details.  Harry’s wife is walking back in forth in front of the presenter to go out for smoke breaks, is cooking food in the background, and yelling at the kids.  Holy cow, not sure if Harry told the family whats going on tonight.  Harry is being pretty hasty and doesn’t realize that this is the time for his guests to check out his business.

The presentation is over now and despite all that’s happening.  There are some people that want to get started! Awesome!  Harry hasn’t printed out any applications, figured he’d sign everyone up online or give them the website and they would sign up later.  Several people say they are ready and are given the website.  The next day Harry looks in his back office and no one has signed up.  After he makes some calls, Harry finds that they have changed their minds.  Harry says to himself, ” I knew I should have had the applications ready.”

Now there are some guest that said this is not a fit for them.  Harry is confused, he doesn’t understand why all his friends are not jumping in.  After all this is the greatest business eve; Harry is very passionate.  Harry begins to ask people why they aren’t doing it, he tries to talk them into it, (he sounds like a car salesman).  Harry doesn’t realize that this is not very replicable and should only bring in people that actually want to be part of his business and are excited.  His sponsor is confused on why Harry isn’t letting the system and tools do the work for him.

Harry ends the night with some confusion, frustration, but still is optimistic.  At the least Harry has learned some important lessons.  What lessons have you learned from your own experience and this post?


What did you learn? What did you take away? Comment below to let me know

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MLM Prospecting Tips

MLM Prospecting:

What to Do With People

Who Don’t Keep Their Word

Have you ever had someone not watch your video or come to a meeting?  Have you ever had someone reluctantly agree to view or come to a meeting or presentation.  People are going to be just that, people.  People should do what they say they are going to do and make commitments and keep them.  Somewhere along the line this stopped being the standard for the majority of people.  There are a few things you can still do to help someone before letting them ruin themselves.

There are 2 MLM Prospecting Tips to help these people

"mlm prospecting"

Ron sharing his testimony for His Home Business at Company Headquarters

1. Create a fear of loss

Your guests are not always going to come no matter what you do.  I think the best excuse I have gotten for why someone didn’t come was this, ” I bought a really expensive birthday cake yesterday so I don’t have money to drive anywhere or do anything.” Believe it or not your prospects will say just about anything.  Your response to no shows needs to be from a position of power.

MLM Prospecting Script

When calling people back who didn’t come just say this: “…I’m sorry I did a really terrible job explaining what we were doing last night with my new business, we had a few people get started and had a such a fun great event.  I just wanted to give you a courtesy call to apologize.  But hey I’ll let you know in a few weeks when I do this again.  I gotta run cause I need to help the new guys get started, I’ll talk to you later.”

This creates fear of loss in the mind of the prospect.  You effectively communicate what they missed out on and you are letting them know that you are not addicted to the outcome of them signing up, that you are serious about your business and doing it with or without them.  Next time when you do call for the next meeting, you can be sure that your prospect will be more open to attending.

2.  The next post will cover part 2 which is getting your prospect to keep their word…subscribe in the box on the upper right to get part 2

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What Do Milkshakes and The Abundance Mentality Have to Do with Each Other?

What Do Milkshakes and

The Abundance Mentality

Have to Do with Each Other?

We have all heard motivational speakers, those with influence, and people on big stages with loud voices saying, “dream big

Our Top Producing Team at Company Headquarters Private Meeting, Recording Testimonials

dreams!”  Is that really all you need to do!?  How do those people make it!? Today I’m exposing the secret of dreaming big dreams!

The Abundance Mentality

Do you like milkshakes? Lets use this in our first example.  Now every time you have a drink poured you can only consume as much as will fit in your cup.  You are expecting that much to be poured in and you expect to drink the full glass.

Well I want more milkshakes, cause they are delicious.  So I’m going to get more glasses and bigger glasses and expect for them to be filled.  Seems like no matter what restaurant I’m at there is always milkshakes.

The Key to the Abundance Mentality is this…

1. Accept that you are already blessed and can have what the good book says you can have

2. Confess and Stand on what the Bible says about prosperity and abundance (even when you don’t see it yet)

3. Expect for blessing and increase to manifest in your life, be looking for it! – This is not necessarily only monetarily.  If you are only chasing financial increase, you may want to evaluate your priorities.

"Abundance Mentality"One question I ask myself is, “how can I help others, what can I do today to make someone’s life better.”  I’ve found when you come from the attitude of “I’m blessed so I can be a blessing.”  The abundance mentality has taken over and now because you are expecting increase not only for you but you have expanded your vision things are happening.

Have a vision of where you are going that is so big it seems impossible, a joke to some.  Now don’t be any limits on yourself, just know that have made a decision to go to a place of greater.  When you have a vision and you are exercising these 3 biblical based principles in accordance with the Word of God you have made a recipe for the perfect abundance storm!

Even when things look bleak, maybe your business isn’t where you want it to be, maybe one of your reps just quit, maybe your marriage isn’t how it used to be, well these are the times that you need to be unmoved and keep your faith that everything is going forward.  John Maxwell has a great book called, “Failing Forward” that dives deeper into this.  Even you take 3 steps forward and 2 steps backwards, well you are still moving forward!

In my personal opinion this can all be summed up in this,  Mathew 6:33 “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” 

Increase your level of expectation and watch as the glasses you put out begin to be filled.

Make it an awesome day!!!

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Ever Been Asked “What Do You Do?” In Network Marketing

Ever Been Asked What You Do?

The basics of network marketing is being a communicator.  People normally ask each other, “What do you do?”  This is your chance to share what your network marketing business opportunity is about and get a lead right!? Wrong.  Typically what networkers do is turn people off.  Here’s and example…

Person:What is it that you do?

"What do you do question, network marketing"

Ron Networking Locally, What do you do question?

Networker:  I show people how to make money from home while losing weight, or I make money from home while helping people transform their bodies.

(silence and wait for the person to say something about what the networker just said)

It’s pretty obvious what the networker is trying to do here.  They are trying to get the other person interested.  This is not coming from a position of power.

Here is How to Answer, What do You Do the right way

Person: Hey mr networker, what do you do?

You: (pick 1 of these options) I teach people how to make a part time income from home. -Or- I teach people how to make money using the internet.  –Or- I train people to make an income from home.

Followed immediately by a question about the other person. If they are in real estate for example,

You:…income from home.  So Mr. Realtor do you mainly deal in higher end homes or medium price range?

small business owner…

You:…income from home.  So Mr. business owner how long have you been working in the _______industry?

This works well because your baiting the person to ask you about your business but your doing it nonchalantly and returning to the other person.  This is the opposite of what most networkers do.  This keeps you looking powerful and that you don’t “need” someone to talk to or sign up in your business.  People are most interested in themselves.  When you operate like you don’t need other people, they need your services, you are performing as a professional.  By keeping the conversation focused on the other person you can learn if they are even someone you want to work with or if you can help them.

Your goal is this, 1. who is open, 2. who can I help that is open, 3. Do I want to work with this person.

Picture this.  You go to apply for a Job and during the interview the HR person is spending all of the time talking about how great the company is, how awesome the benefits are, how great you are going to be working for them, ect ect.  Typically HR people are qualifying and asking questions about their potential employee.  See how this can be a little weird, off putting even!

Be honest with your words.

“He who guards his lips guards his life, but he who speaks rashly will come to ruin.” Proverbs 13:3

Make it an awesome day!

Ron Gelok

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Online vs Offline MLM Recruiting, Which is Better?

Online vs Offline MLM Recruiting,

Which is Better?

Today we’re talking about what has historically and statistically built the strongest network marketing teams and businesses.  WARNING, some of you may feel a little uncomfortable with this but it is the simplest and in my opinion best model to duplicate.  In network marketing the focus needs to be on others.  Your system needs to be easy to follow, teach, do, and be fun in order for your business to grow deep without you at times.  However, you are the driving force and what your team sees you do, they will also do.  Well you want to focus on what makes money and duplicates.  So do I focus online mlm recruiting or offline mlm recruiting?  Monkey see Monkey do!

What are some things that every person has?"online offline mlm recruiting"

1. Place to Live

2. Television/Computer/Person

Ok which means everyone has the same resources and time (we are all given 24 hours).  Now what we do with our time is going to dictate our level of success or failure. Every person has access to build this business online and offline.

So Which is Better, Online of Offline MLM Recruiting?

The simplest and best way to get good duplicating teams a network marketing company in my humble opinion is to do home meetings.  But Ron, you use the internet to recruit? Yes, your darn right I do and it works.

Here’s a secret I’ve found…

When I recruit a person online, unless its from facebook, that new recruit usually thinks he/she has to do the business the same way (not always the case).  So they take the internet marketing route and struggle by themselves without getting any kind of training or systems and then they eventually quit.  I usually try to talk people out of internet marketing because they think its the answer or some kind of holy grail.  If you don’t need to make money NOW then don’t talk to warm market and do internet marketing, but if you want an income now, well get on the phone and schedule a grand opening meeting at your home or place of business.  The reality is that online marketing for your mlm is a compliment to most people’s business due to the traditional success path in this industry of building offline belly to belly.  Most people do not want to become internet marketers, and I don’t want them to.  I want them to keep it simple and make money following the proven system.  We want ordinary people willing to follow a simple system to make them into extraordinary people.  However, if I have taken the time to develop a friendship with online recruits via Facebook they are much easier to help see results and checks because they are willing to do what you do.  If you connected with them on Facebook then all they know is Facebook and offline meetings and they will see success easier than someone who has been exposed to all the fancy do-dads, gurus, systems, and thingys because they have no preconceived notions on how they think they should build.  In other words, your rep is a clean pallet you can work with to develop into duplicating Leaders that teach others to become Leaders.

How Do I Know If Online MLM Recruiting is For Me?

Online recruiting is for the person that wants to add additional income and reps to their business.  However, I don’t think its for everyone.  Just like anything else there is a learning curve to go through.  In my opinion here’s who online mlm recruiting and marketing IS NOT FOR:

  • Those looking for an easy b"online mlm recruiting"utton
  • Those not willing to commit for at least 6 months
  • Inconsistent people
  • Looking to get rich quick
  • New to MLM
  • Those addicted to immediate results
  • Don’t want to be on the phone

I say this not to discourage you or detour you from pursing online mlm recruiting but to show you that right now the offline system you have works and that Online MLM marketing is an additional tool you can use to grow your business.  Its not a requirement.

When am I Ready for Online MLM Recruiting?

Online MLM Recruiting is really for leaders.  (Only exception is Facebook prospecting, which everyone and anyone can/should do.)  The key to getting people to follow you and want to work with you online is to offer them immense value.

Here’s the million dollar tip in this post for online MLM Marketing.  If you can give your prospects so much value that they feel guilty for not paying for the information, you’ll create an online presence and fans like the big dogs in the industry.  

The online world is not the end all be all, its only a fraction of whats going on but its whats easy for everyone to see because of the nature of social media.  Realize that offline learning curve is so much easier.  When you have that level of trust and show your helping others, people will join you.  You are ready for Online MLM Recruiting if:

  • Recognized that Online MLM marketing is passive and is a long term strategy – This is something that you focus on during hours of the day that you can’t be calling people.
  • Recognized Not an Excuse to avoid being on the phone or prospecting
  • Your making money offline in MLM already (offline success is easy to transfer to online)
  • You want to create an online presence to stay in touch with your team and bring value and training to them
  • Tired of talking to friends and family
  • Want qualified people to talk to everyday
  • Want to attract leaders at your level and above to you

Get good at recruiting and know how to duplicate your results so when you do recruit people online you can lead them down the path where the will experience the best results.  If you feel you are one of the few that’s ready online MLM Recruiting, start researching systems designed to teach network marketers how to do online and offline MLM recruiting.

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SPECIAL GUEST! How To Win Incentive Trips and Create Momentum in MLM

How To Win Incentive Trips and

Create MLM Momentum

Today we have someone really awesome on today’s post.  This guy started seriously working his business part time back in December and since has had awesome results."donlachance"

How To Create MLM Momentum

  • Became a top recruiter
  • Won a Top Cancun Vacation Package for 2
  • Rank Advanced to leadership level of 4Star Manager
  • Rank Advanced ton of his team members
  • Has incredible duplication and momentum
  • DOING IT ALL PART TIME and doesn’t have a single Website

His name is Don LaChance and he is an awesome leader.  He is 59 years old, is not a crazy internet marketer, and just keeps it simple.  Didn’t come with a big team from some other company or anything like that. I learned some powerful tips from Don.  I think you can really feel this guy’s energy and spirit and what he is really out to accomplish.  He is outwardly focused and has a passion for helping others.  Listen in on this audio for his secrets! Warning: In this audio we mention our company a bit, this Audio is to help my numis network team and even if you are not part of the team, you can apply what Don says and see similar results. Leave a comment at the bottom of the post or share on Google + if you enjoyed this.

The “Don” LaChance Way

Side note: While we were on the call, Don had someone sign up into business, how awesome is that!?  If you want Don’s results follow what he does.

Hey! Can you help me out? Leave a comment below if you learned something cool

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AUDIO: What Corporate America Doesn’t Want You to Know…

What Corporate America Doesn’t

Want You to Know…

Som"escape rat race"e people are meant to punch a clock and work 9-5, nothing wrong with this.  However, others are liked a caged a lion looking for a way out.  Society has taught the traditional path to success which is: go to school, get good grades, get a good job, and retire rich to enjoy the golden years.  The reality is that more and more people are finding out that this track is broken.  Some are still able to navigate the grueling road through life but fall into pot holes, get pulled over, have breakdowns, and seems like the road is never ending.  Some say its like a whole that never ends that you can’t climb out of.  Its a sobering reality.

Corporate America has been cramming this system onto people for geez I don’t know, forever?  What they don’t want you to know is in this powerful audio.  There is nothing to buy and I’m not selling anything.  This passionate audio that outlines how the system is broke, and how you regardless of the situation your in at this moment there is room for change for those that are hungry for it.

What’s Happening in Corporate America?

Well I personally have escaped the rat race so can’t speak much from personal experience.  However, here is what I have found…

AUDIO CLICK HERE  What Corporate America Doesn’t Want You to Know  AUDIO CLICK HERE

Too many people are
  • working harder than they ever have
  • Longer hours than they ever have (some say they have no free time at all)
  • under appreciated
  • living in layoff fear
  • being stretched financially
  • overqualified for jobs they do have
  • Top Producers with commission shrinking
  • Territories being cut
  • ZERO acknowledgement and appreciation
  • Environment surrounded by Bitter Betty, Negative Nancy, and Hater Harry
  • Younger, cheaper people are coming to do your job
  • All for Less Pay

AUDIO CLICK HERE  What Corporate America Doesn’t Want You to Know  AUDIO CLICK HERE

I’m here today to tell you that the reality is that things don’t have to be that way.  I can help.  If your open reach out to me at

If you want to ensure that you stay where you are, ignore this audio and blog post.

Be Blessed,

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