"Direct Sales Script"

Direct Sales Script

Direct Sales Script

Being a naturally gifted salesman is a skill-set that not all of us are born with.  However, with the use of a direct sales script we can become a great recruiter and sales person without sounding pushy or feeling awkward.  The use of scripts is the sign of someone interested in progression and becoming better and better.  In today’s post I have a short training that will share with you a simple script I’ve used to sponsor 130+ reps into network marketing and/or affiliate opportunities, overcome a few objections, and also give you a Free Download of My Script.

Direct Sales Script

For this direct sales script example I am going to assume you have leads and do not have an issue generating leads or finding people to talk to.  If you do need help with lead generation Click Here For an Overview on the lead system I’ve been using since 2009.  If you have no idea what to say a script is a great place to start but you do want to make things into your own words and put your on flavor on the script because you want to come across authentically.  When I first started using scripts I was in college and had very little professional experience and felt that I often sounded “canned” and robotic amongst my friends who I was prospecting for my network marketing venture.  So the lesson I learned with direct sales script is to put my own adjectives, slang, and personality into the scripts.

Best Recruiting Scripts

What’s important to understand with any script is that your ability to connect and establish rapport with others is more important than the magical words on the script. Have you ever heard the expression, “people don’t care what you know until they know how much you care?” It’s become a little bit of a cliche but it is still true.  Don’t discount the value of spending time to make a friend over the phone before making your invite to a presentation, website, or meeting.  Without establishing rapport even the best recruiting scripts won’t help you because its like going up to a stranger and saying, “Hi, nice to meet you, will you marry me!?” That is kind of weird and the stranger will probably run and so will your prospects.  Lets dive into today’s script and be sure to download your Free Direct Sales Recruiting Script that I use in today’s training video.

Recruiting Script For Direct Sales

For the Full Script Download  Click Here To Download.  The full script download includes overcoming several objections and my 4 Step Close Script. Here is a sample picture from page 1.


"Recruiting Scripts"The basic flow of a good script is this:

  • Ask for the person you are calling
  • Introduce yourself and say how you are responding back to them
  • Ask for permission to continue
  • Rapport Build Remember F.O.R.M. (Family, Occupation, Recreation, Message)
    • I like to google search the area code that I am calling first so I can ask about the area they live in
  • Ask what they need in their business, how can you help (this is where you really want to listen)
  • After you know what they want/need transition to invite question
  • Set the follow up time

Recruiting Script for Handling Objections

A common response I get on initial calls is, "who is this" or "what website are you talking about?"

I love to respond with this, "this is Ron Gelok and you went to my website about growing your business. I have so many websites out there and ways people are contacting me its hard for me to tell exactly how you got to my site and which site it was at this moment, but the reality is you entered your info in to get some help with you business. Prospects Name, How can I best help you out today?"

Posture in handling objections I believe is more or just as important as the words you say to overcome an objection.  Objections are good as they are an indication that your prospect is evaluating making the decision to purchase instead of giving you a No.

For access to the Direct Sales Script that Has produced for me 130+ new personal sales. Click the link below to download your copy.

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