Do I Need to Market Online To Make MLM Work?

Do I Need to Market Online

To Make MLM Work?

A question I been getting a lot of lately is do I need to be an internet marketer to make this business work?  I see people join an mlm company and then they need leads so they turn to internet marketing.  You don’t have any leads or know how to generate em?  Well no worries, now as you know I build offline and online and you can see some of the offline trainings in older posts here.  Well how do you know internet marketing is even right for you?  How long does it take to generate leads?  In this video below I answer this question and whats the real secret.


Internet Marketing is not for everyone.  Nor should it be your only strategy.  In my business we teach online and offline marketing methods.  Some people want to recruit 8 people a month from facebook like myself, recruit mlm reps using twitter, use offline mlm marketing methods like signs and post it notes.  You need to have both sets of trainings available to your team because not everyone is going to want to market online, most won’t want to.  Historically speaking the largest residual incomes have been generated entirely offline. 

Who Is Internet Marketing For?

Internet marketing is not a way to hide behind the computer and not be on the phone.  Internet marketing for network marketing is for people who want to build faster than they are currently building.  If you have no reps on your team well you should probably start going through your cell phone.  Learning to market online is a long term strategy and just so you know, expect to not generate any leads for awhile sometimes months, learning curve (like me 6 months).  You should be spending 25% of your time passively marketing and 10% of your time training and learning, while the rest actively prospecting for your business.  You do internet marketing as a side project to help you build faster.  If you are serious about learning internet marketing specifically for your network marketing business I would turn here….if and only if you’re serious.

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  • Chuck Holmes

    September 10, 2015

    I don’t think you have to market online but it sure does help. I think it’s best to combine online and offline techniques together so you can work smart and have some leverage. Just my two cents.


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