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Donald Trump Blog

Should Donald Trump Blog?

If Donald trump had a blog what do you think it would say?  Would a Donald Trump Blog be bold and loud with his views, opinions, and politics or would be an entrepreneurial cash machine?  Knowing who Donald Trump is, it’s a safe bet to say probably both!  One would then pose the question how can he do that? I mean Donald Trump is not some expert internet marketer nor could I see him typing away at his desktop or mobile phone ranting about taxes and immigration he much better poised in front of television camera or radio station.  In today’s post I want to share some of the effects of what would happen if Donald Trump had a blog.  Some people would argue he shouldn’t have a Donald Trump Blog after reading this post, but this post will teach how anyone who wants to earn significant income and influence can easily do so by sharing their thoughts, opinions, and expertise on a profit producing blog.

"donald trump blog"

“Hmm, I’ve Decided Having a Donald Trump Blog Would Be a Great Move For My Campaign…I Mean the Country”

Some would say that Donald Trump is making enough noise in the media regarding his outrageous statements and outspoken personality.  His campaign managers are already doing an excellent job in terms of exposure on social media channels.  The reality is with another form of media he could be even louder and stretch views to more people! Some would humorously argue thats not possible, but imagine this…

If Donald Trump had a blog with a simple opt in box (web form that a visitor can enter an email address to get some kind of value or hop on an email newsletter) he could be developing an even more loyal following by broadcasting his messages not only on his blog but also to his subscribers.  What if someone like Donald Trump with his level of influence even had 0.5% of his subscriber base sharing his blog content on social media with their own visitors?  Whether you agree with Trump’s politics, hate his hair-do, or love him to death the reality is that he creates considerable controversy in the business and political realms.  Controversy in almost any form of media attracts attention like a dog does fleas.  With more eyeballs on anyone’s blog content that usually means more influence and awareness for the blogger and their respective views.  If a Donald Trump Blog was being regularly posted on regarding relevant issues that are on the mind’s of voters he could potentially use this media to swing the hearts and minds of voters in the 2016 presidential election.  Regardless of if he wins the election or not I think we all know that Mr. Trump would be acquiring a substantial following, monetizing his subscriber base, and he could still use his blog influence for one other thing…

How Do You Make Money With A Blog?

One of the most practical reasons to own and run a blog is the ease of it’s ability to produce a passive income stream.  A Blog is an influencer builder tool.  Influence over an audience leads and impacts that audience’s decisions.  When you are an expert on a topic and/or can develop a following in a market can you influence buying decisions or in Donald’s case, votes.  Influence is also developed my regularly communicating with said audience and delivering them content that is relevant and important to them.  The best kinds of content are those that entertain, provide solutions, create controversy, and ultimately give value in way that under promises and over delivers.  But with all that being said, “how do you make money with a blog?” I’m sure a Donald Trump Blog would have all of these and then some.  Here is a short list of ways you can make money with the use of a blog; this list is by no means all inclusive or in any specific order and making money blogging is really only limited by your own creativity:

  1. Affiliate Marketing – is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.  This is the easiest way to get started making money blogging.  You don’t have to create any offers, products, or worry about technical know-hows.  You just share a business’s “affiliate link” and when a person visits the site or purchases a product from the business that affiliate will earn a commission.  In my opinion the best affiliate products to promote at those that pay 30-60% commissions on products that are billed monthly; this produces reoccurring sustainable and predictable income streams for a blogger/affiliate.
  2. "make money blogging"Email Marketing to Blog Subscribers – When someone opts in to your subscriber list they are wanting to engage and receive content that your blog is about.  Your blog should always always always be delivering more benefit, value, and content than you ever do selling.  Some people adhere to the 90/10 rule, which is 90% content and 10% direct offers.  You can make offers to your subscribers that they will find relevant and helpful to them.  This is a great way to serve your audience excellently, be creative and make a great income.  I use a great email marketing tool called Aweber to communicate with my audience.
  3. Your Own Products and Services – Every offline business should have an online presence.  Your potential customers are constantly searching online for solutions to problems, needs, wants, and pains that they have.  When you create solution based content that then refers to them to take an action of purchasing a product or service you have an exchange of value that takes place.  A customer’s money for your product/service that should over deliver a solution to their problem.  Here is an example of some popular ideas bloggers sell to make money online.
    • Online Classes or Workshops
    • Courses
    • Paid Webinars
    • Memberships
    • Coaching and Consulting
    • eBooks
    • Retreats
  4. Paid Communities – One of the easiest ways for anyone to get started making money online is to create a closed/private Facebook group that is filled with value, content, discussion, community and a lot of engagement and simply sell membership to be part of the community/Facebook group.  Facebook groups are free to start and you can make membership exclusive.  The beautiful thing about this strategy is that you can literally start it in a few minutes.  However, you will need to develop a following/audience before starting this group as you need to already have some influence in order for people to be willing to cough up some dollars to be part of a Facebook group.

As you may be able to see now why Donald Trump and just about anyone should have a blog.  This post is not so much about Donald trump becoming a blogger nor is it about my political leaning (which is not implied by this post) but really to open anyone to the simplicity of starting a blog.  In fact one of my best friends started blogging while I was in college and still blogs almost every day.  Now my friend Ray earns a 7 figure income from his blog and is greatly impacting an incredibly large audience from the comfort of his home office.  Ray and I recently put together a training video on blogging where we share exactly:

  • How To Start a Blog Today with just a few clicks
  • How To Think of Blog Content and Ideas that Make Money
  • Exactly How To Reach Your Perfect Audience (simple and easy marketing)
  • Share Ray’s biggest mistakes and pitfalls so you avoid experiencing pain or risk

To learn more about starting a blog and making money blogging click the button below and gain access to our free training.

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Perhaps Donald Trump should watch this free blog training video as well. Or maybe not, he kind of makes a lot of noise on other media channels already.  Would you want to see a Donald Trump Blog?  I know the one other thing he would use his blog for and that would definitely be to make money blogging.

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