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What the heck is an energy vampire?  Energy Vampires are the people who suck up all your time, are always negative, love to complain, call a million times and never have prospects or duplication.  Blaa I Vant To Suck Your Time!  These ghastly ghouls feed off your positive energy and leave you feeling drained or maybe even depressed.  They are not conscious of boundaries and can be overwhelmingly negative.  I love to inspire and motivate people but sometimes people just want someone to listen to their complaints and pat them on the back.  If you know me you know that I won’t stand for mediocrity and here is a VIDEO with proof.

Now there is a difference between an energy vampire and someone who is new and working with you to learn the business.  There will be ups and downs with every business and you have to understand that your team members don’t know everything you do.  People who are new expect everyone to join the business right away but the reality is that working from home isn’t for everyone.  Some people are just meant to punch a clock.  So this is where the transition usually happens.  Someone didn’t join the business and your team member can take two paths here:

1. Stay positive
Understand that home based business isn’t for them, (its for sharp people who are serious about making money and changing their lives), move on to the next person that you can help.

2. Be Negative
Now this is the easy route. It isn’t always best to take the path of least resistance. This is comfortable, you see people are expecting this from you. You are what you attract to yourself. This is pretty much a downward spiral, but you already knew that.
Note: Side Effects Include zero production, decrease in pay, increase in frustration, negativity spreads, and you risk becoming an Energy Vampire yourself!

How Do You Keep The Vampires Away?

There are multiple ways to combat vampires that don’t involve silver bullets, garlic, or a cross.  Here is what I do.

  • My approach is don’t stand for mediocrity.  It is not acceptable and there is no reason not to succeed in home business.  I don’t accept people excuses because then it empowers them and supports them not working or moving forward.  Have more desire to succeed than excuses.
  • Lead by example.  Whatever pace I take in my business I find that my team tends to match it as well.  Success, positivity, and action attracts people and promotes a healthy team culture that is sure to turn off the Nosferatus in your team.
  • Attempt a change.  If you do have the time to listen, you can get to the core of their problem and offer the solution.  Its better to learn by doing then studying a concept or reading a blog post.  They must be willing to do something and not there just to complain.  hint: It involves the vampire having to take action to change their situation.
  • Do weekly coaching with people in my organization to help them grow their business.  This coaching is available to everyone on my team but only the serious people stick with it.  When people participate in my coaching they either get results and are happy  OR I don’t hear from them anymore and they do nothing.  When someone is holding you accountable to your own goals and standing for your own greatness you either embrace it or you fall to the wayside and we separate the vampires from the champions.  Your most valuable time is spent on the phone doing 3 way calls with the champions.

Everyone gets down at times and experiences a little negativity.  The best thing you can do is surround yourself with positive people.  People move towards people who are the same as themselves.  If you are overwhelmingly positive is there anything bad that can happen from that?  Surround yourself with others that have what you want or are who you want to be and see how it changes your life.

If you enjoyed fighting Energy Vampires today, leave me a comment below.  What do you think?

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  • Robert

    December 7, 2010

    Nice post with some good common sense information!

  • Ray Higdon

    December 8, 2010

    Being positive is like wearing garlic

  • gelokron

    December 9, 2010

    haha pretty much ray!

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