Excellence In Business

Excellence In Business

"excellence in business"

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One of the greatest secrets of entrepreneurs, leaders, athletes, pastors, and many other people of influence is that of excellence; but not the way typically would think.  I don’t say that plainly or as a blanket statement, let me explain before you write this off as a vanilla flavored blog post or “something you know already.”  There is a group of men that stand out boldly as men of excellence that very much go against the grain of some of the worlds business leaders and personal development gurus.  I find some rare qualities and actions in these men that aren’t typically taught but easy for anyone to adopt and implement immediately.  In today’s video and blog post I’m going to share who these men were, how they were against the grain excellent, and how following what they exude will lead to unexpected results beyond that which you currently idolize. If you don’t believe that last statement I encourage you to suspend any ounce of skepticism as if you still find this post to be filled with bologna, let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment at the bottom.

Men of Excellence

In the video below I share the full story of these men so watch this video first to hear the story so the rest of this post will make sense.

Daniel and his men were already because they appeared excellent. The result was they experienced higher level education, favor, and not ordinary living.

They chose to eat the correct foods and not defile their body even when the king requested they eat his food. The result was that they were healthier than everyone else after 10 days and there overseer was not put to death. In fact because of how well they were eating and being educated they received wisdom, knowledge, and understanding that was superior to all of the kings sorcerers, magicians, and wise men.

Daniel when even faced with death chose to seek God for wisdom and vision.  He received a vision from God and was able to help the king.  The result was that Daniel and his friends were put in high level leadership positions in the kingdom and became “right hand men” to the king.  The king wanted them around.

Daniel’s friends were faced with death by fire when they refused to worship the King’s image.  A lot of uplines in network marketing encourage you to almost make your business like an idol or something you worship.  Worshiping and seeking fulfillment from business, money, other people, success or anything else has always left me empty.  Now myself and team of Christ Centered Entrepreneurs follow Mathew 6:33 and God prospers us in all areas exactly when we need it.

I talk about even more points in the video above and directly how it relates to business.  This is not only about excellence in business but also in Life.  The free coaching call is available to you at http://rongelok.com/apply

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