Facebook Recruiting – Phone or Chat Messenger

Facebook Recruiting – Phone

or Chat Messenger

Fa"facebook recruiting scripts"cebook messenger and the phone are the two most vital communication tools of today’s modern day network marketer.  I talk and coach a lot of network marketers and too often they want to avoid using the phone. While you can recruit people online without ever picking up the phone does it mean you should? In today’s post we have a short video weighing out the pros and cons of using the phone and using Facebook Messenger to recruit for network marketing.  Leave your comments at the bottom of this post, right under where you get access to my Facebook Recruiting Script.

Facebook Messenger and Phone Recruiting for Network Marketing Video

What are your thoughts about both options? Are you more of a quantity person and focused on the Facebook messenger or do you prefer to use the phone and really build relationships the traditional way?  The reality for me is that you want to be a hybrid network marketer and I strongly encourage you do both.  See Facebook and social media is really a warm market generation tool and the phone and a relationship accelerator, trust builder, and recruiting tool for our industry.  If you have a fear of the phone because you don’t know what to say and fear rejection, you may want to check out my Facebook Recruiting Script Book.

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