Feeling Blocked? How To Break Mental Blocks to Build Home Business

Recently I was at a local event in Ft Mye"mental block"rs Florida that change my way of thinking.  All my life I’ve liked to study and watch successful people.  People who live life without limitations are usually up to something big.  Take notice of how they act and the actions they take.  The goal of todays post is to help you remove any blocks you are having while building your home based business.

“The Truth is that we are empowered far less by heredity, luck, and circumstances, than by our vision of what we believe is truly possible for ourselves.” ~ Mark Yarnell

It is a sad fact that too many Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Some love what they do which is great but still, is that any way to live?  Maybe you are one of those people, I used to be.  But there was one point in my life when my family didn’t know how we wer going to eat that week.  I could tell you more about a sad story but then you could tell me a story thats worse.  Your story would trump mine and the next person’s story will trump yours so this is not what this post is about.  No body likes misery parties.  The good news is if you want to get out of that situation you can.

So the world is pretty average.  Why there so much mediocrity in the world is because that’s all we were taught we worth.  From a very young age certain events that take place in your life shape your way of thinking and perception of how the world works.  Think back to school.  Someone once told you that you were too fat, too slow, too dumb, or whatever you just weren’t good enough to make it.  Sound familiar?  We have all had people that we love, care about, or respect tell us these things, and it hurts, I know how it feels.  The people that said these things were mostly likely parents, teachers, or people that were just meaning well.  They just had a hard time showing their love or expressing it.  So whether you want to believe it or not, these words could still be blocking you today.  Awhile ago when people would say No to me it would remind me of my Dad saying it wouldn’t work and I should sell insurance or find something else to do and that was a block for me.  He means well but I still don’t want to hear that kind of stuff, you know?  So because of this replaying in mind it made me now want to make my calls and deal with rejection because of the similar way it made me feel.  We are taught our whole lives to move away from failure, get the right answer, dont make mistakes, move away from pain.  Now typically thats what most people do, but those who will live lives of greatness understand you MUST FAIL in order to succeed.  Thats why pencils come with erasers.  Dont be afraid of the failure/rejection block.

How Do you Free Yourself of These Blocks?

It’s easier said than done.  Just forgive those people.  I know its harder than it sounds but what’s the alternative? Stay in bondage to these blocks and continue to live a Vanilla flavored life!?  Once you forgive someone it takes aways that bondage that their words had over you.  You outwardly and publicly acknowledging that those words no longer have a hold on you and you are now free to pursue the life you want, free from personal limitations!   It will help some of you to write one of those letters you don’ send, saying how those words affected you and now you are forgiving them.  If you know the person still today call them up or go see them and let them know this.  I would let them know the new person you are becoming and why you are forgiving them.  Hopefully its because you are on a mission to build a powerful business and you growing as a person to better achieve your goals. 

Not to get all religious on you but the other thing that helps me is praying and asking God for help.  Ask and you shall receive.

I did exactly this process and here is another VIDEO post of me *fresh* after I shared this process.

Do this and you will have power!

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