How to Follow Up in Network Marketing

How to Follow Up in Network Marketing

"how to follow up in network marketing"Follow Up in Network Marketing is where the money is really made. You may have heard one of the leaders in your company say, “the fortune is in the followup.” Sadly, a lot of network marketers struggle with this vital closing step. This literally is thee most important part of a recruiters skill set, the ability to close and follow up.

In today’s blog post I’m going to share with how to set up your follow up times while inviting, give you the perfect voicemail script, how to handle no shows to your meetings, and what to do when your prospect fails to watch the presentation. You may want to bookmark this post and share with your teammates.

How to Set Up Follow Up Appointments

This is one of the most powerful recruiting tips I have ever learned.  When I started doing this my overall recruiting tripled!  I cut out a lot of time wasting, frustration, pain, and stopped wasting leads. I can now get all my prospects to view a presentation and follow up no problem.

There are 2 keys to setting up the appointment. I teach networkers mostly how to recruit from home using the internet and phone so for this example I am going to assume that the networker is not having this conversation in person but over the phone.

  1. Set the Follow Up Time During the Invite – When both the networker and the prospect are clear on the follow up time it will reduce the amount of no shows you get. Setting the time sets expectations properly.  I Like to say, “the video is 15 minutes long, so I’ll call you back in 20 minutes to get your feedback. It may or may not be for you, if it is great and if not, thats cool to.”
  2. Don’t show the presentation unless they can watch it now – If your prospect is not in front of a computer to watch your online presentation they will then do it on their terms or most likely not at all. You have now just lost control of the recruiting process. What my team and I do is say:

“How soon can you be in front of a computer? Great, I’ll call you back at that time to walk you through the site to watch the video. I know your probably busy now so I’ll talk to you then, good bye!”

Voicemail Script in Network Marketing

It can be frustrating when your prospect doesn’t answer the phone for your scheduled meeting.  The reality is that people don’t always follow through on their commitments regardless of the industry.  Having a great voicemail follow up plan keeps you postured and prevents the prospect from taking away your power. Otherwise you slip into chasing, begging, and bugging and this is not a postured position of strength. If you were looking to learn how to follow up in network marketing don’t under estimate the power of these voicemails. You can Download My Free Recruiting PDF Shares more Scripts like this that helped me with the last 130+ representatives I sponsored

That being said, I’ll call a total of 3 times.

Heres how the Voicemail Scripts for network marketing go…

Call 1 “Hey John, its Ron we were supposed to talk at this time, call me back.”

Call 2 “Hey John, it’s Ron we missed each other yesterday and I haven’t heard back from you, please let me know that you are ok.”

  • This call takes place 24 hours after your first call.

Call 3 “Hey John, it’s Ron I’m calling to see if your ok. I’m also going to assume that you are not interested anymore and thats ok no problem, I’m going to take you off my list and you won’t hear about this anymore, hope your ok John.”

  • This call takes place 48 hours after your previous call.

You may enjoy this blog post with another voicemail script:

What to Do When Your Prospect Doesn’t Show Up/Watch the Presentation

When network marketing prospects don’t show up it can be discouraging for your representatives.  Part of combating this for a network marketer is in the mindset.  Some reps get taken out of the game because one person didn’t do what they said they would (pathetic if you ask me).

When coaching my team members you want to play devil’s advocate a little bit and prepare them a head of time and let them know that there will be times that this happens.

How To Follow Up In Network Marketing and Close

You may enjoy my 4 question closing script on this blog post: 

If you would like to get more of my scripts on how to follow up in network marketing Click Here To Download a Free Recruiting PDF that shares exactly what I’ve said to recruit my last 130+ representatives.

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P.S. Remember to follow this, “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all of these things shall be added unto you.” – Mathew 6:33

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