Fun Video of Numis Cancun Trip 2012

Dreams Riviera Numis Cancun Trip 2012

Hey Guys! Just got back from Cancun and man "mlm leader"was that a blast!  One of the best trips I’ve ever had!  Hey so there won’t be much educational value in this post just sharing some of the fun we had.  If you are expecting more than just Fun from this post you might want to look at another post as we have too much in this one!

How We Won the Trip

This was the 1st trip I was able to take my girl friend on and she loved it!  It was her first time out of the country.  The team took up 55 rooms and it was non-stop fun. We won by connecting with people mainly on facebook and that lived around us.  We share we make money from home and invite people to check out what we do via online webinar, website, local meeting, or one of the big events going on all over the country and in Canada, UK, and Australia.

Here’s the Catch…

"mlm incentive trips"Networking Marketing and home based business is hard work just like everything else.  You have to work hard to earn trips and not sit back like some fat cat.  Helping people earn extra money takes a little bit of a learning curve, typically 90 days to get 100% soild if you follow the program (wish I knew this before I spent 4 years in college).  I know people that work just as or possibly harder than me but they DON’T win trips or get paid a residual income from their efforts.  IF your going to work hard why not work once and get paid for it over and over and over again?

FUN Cancun Trip Video!

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Make it an awesome day!

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    August 7, 2012

    Network marketing is an industry that’s already created hundred of wealthy but good Leadership qualities are important for success in both online and offline network marketing.

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    September 12, 2012

    Awesome article.

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