How To Get Customers in Network Marketing

How To Get Customers in

Network Marketing

Recruiting and sponsoring representatives seems to be the focus of most professionals in the home business industry.  However, there is a problem with solely focusing on recruiting which can lead to a unhealthy and unstable organization. In today’s post I’ll explain why you need more customers than representatives according to the FTC, how to know some differences between legitimate direct sales companies and pyramid schemes, and a Free Script Download with EXACTLY how to get more customers and distributors.

"How To Get Customers in Network Marketing"In a legitimate network marketing company a distributor is compensated for the sale of the product or service and not for recruiting a new distributor.  A lot of companies have the caveat that you must be a customer as well as a distributor in order to qualify for reoccurring monthly commissions on the sale of product.  This is done in order for a distributor to meet a minimum sales quota and the distributor can accomplish this easily by personally making a purchase (this is most commonly done through a monthly automatic shipment/sale of the company’s product). To put it another way, you have to pay to play.  If you ask me its a little bit of a work around to say that a distributor most own all the products in order to qualify for commissions; thank God all direct sales companies don’t make you do that.  According to the Federal Trade Commission, 70% of a company’s product must be retailed or wholesaled, distributors can not be paid a commission for “head hunting,” nor should it promote “inventory loading” (Taylor, 2011).  However, to be a good sales person in our industry the reality is that your going to want to own and use the product that you are selling so you can have experience, belief, and testimonials from using the product for yourself.  You should not be buying rank promotions in order to qualify for bonuses.  Your bonuses and rank advancements should be earned by the sale of product to customers and not to your own distributors or personal purchases.

“Focus on serving product users instead of product sellers and you’ll always have a customer” – Ron Gelok III

Why You Need More Customers in Network Marketing

In every industry its a simple fact that you should have more customers than product sellers/distributors.  The network marketing industry is the only place where I have seen this phenomenon of having more distributors than customers occur.  A healthy and legitimate direct sales company will have more customers than distributors.  Your local department store, restaurant, or any other brick and mortar business has more customers than employees so why should a network marketing business be any different?

The problem is that there is a shift of thinking that hasn’t yet occurred.  New distributors are usually enamored by the promise of a residual income and are convinced that the way to achieve this is to constantly be recruiting new distributors at all times.  Yes, you absolutely want to recruit and build a strong sales force.  However, the problem with this is that historically speaking network marketing representatives have a high turnover rate and the majority of distributors do not remain active very long (usually several months on average).  Customers statistically speaking have a stronger likelihood of remaining active in the organization.  When you focus on gaining customers you have a more sustainable organization because it is driven by the need/want for product as opposed to representatives personal drive and motivation to acquire residual income.  It is encouraging to know that in the United States sales in the network marketing industry are in the $30 billion range and $90 billion worldwide. (Babener, 2012).  The most sustainable and healthy organizations are those that have larger customer bases than distributors.

3 Ways to Get Network Marketing Customers

  1. Network Marketing industry expert Lisa Grossman taught me this simple script at a recent event.
    • “Hey_____, I am selling these products that are helping people with______ can I count on you to support me and order at least a 30-60 day supply to test out to see if you like it? If you don’t like it after 30-60 days then I won’t ever bug you again about it but I do think you will love it. I need testimonials and would love to have you try these things out. “
    • If you were opening a Frozen Yogurt shop you most likely wouldn’t invite your friends and family to also open their own business.  You would invite them to support you by coming to purchase some of your frozen yogurt at your new business.  The same is true in network marketing and the resistance level of your potential prospect or customer is way down.
  2. Don’t load people up with free samples.  If they have a ton of samples why would they need to purchase the product from you? Give your sample users a date to try it by and let them know you’ll be asking them for their opinion on the product. Remember people will not contact you after you give the sample. YOU must follow up.  The purpose of companies giving samples is for you their potential customers to buy.
  3. Do I lead with the business or the product? The answer is, it depends! You need to be listening to your prospect for how you can help them.  If your prospect has a pain, need, or want that consuming your product solves lead with the product and offer it as a solution.  If your prospect expresses a need for income, dissatisfaction with work, or positive ambitions for something more then you present the distributorship opportunity.

How To Get Network Marketing Customers Training Video

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P.S. Remember to follow this, “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all of these things shall be added unto you.” – Mathew 6:33

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