How to Get Facebook Prospects on The Phone

How to Get Facebook Prospects on The Phone

Have you even been prospecting on Facebook and not exactly sure how to get the person on the phone?  Have you felt afraid or unsure of what to say to successfully get their phone number without coming across as a creepy sales person?  I have felt weird getting people on the phone for network marketing when I first started.  In today’s video I share a very simple script to get Facebook prospects on the phone and it works almost every time for me.

Script: Get Facebook Prospects on The Phone

The script is very simple and will work after you have built some rapport and chatted a little bit back and forth.  The purpose of getting your prospect on the phone is to invite them to a presentation and make sure you want to work with them.  I’ve found after some phone calls with prospects that I really don’t want to work with them.  This will save you a ton of time and frustration from brining on a bad team member.

Facebook Phone Script:

“Hey_____, this chat is so slow sometimes, want to just hop on the phone for a few minutes? My number is 908 xxx xyxy, whats yours?”

This simple script works fantastically almost every time for me.  Once you have connected a bit on the phone I like to make the invite like this.

“Hey_____, I was thinking about what you said before about__(reason why they might be open or you can help them, think of a pain, need, want they expressed)__ and I think I can help you.  Would you be open to looking at a side project if it didn’t interfere with what you are currently doing?”

Your prospect will say: Yes, No, or “what is it?”

Whenever a prospect responds with, “what is it?” I like to respond like this:

“Awesome! I’m so excited to show you what it is, how soon can you be in front of a computer for a few minutes?”

I always prefer to say “how soon,” because it creates a sense of urgency.  The reason why I am having them be in front of a computer is so I can share my presentation from them.  Once you get your Facebook prospect on the phone then you can better control the conversation. I don’t give a link to my presentation until I know they are in front of a computer and can watch it.  Otherwise I have just lost control and have no idea if the prospect will ever keep their word and watch my presentation.  After the presentation…

“______ I’ll call you back after the video is over, if its something that interests you, great! If not, no big deal, that is cool to!”

You have now entered the closing call.  On this part of the phone call I have a 4 question close that I use almost every time.  In fact the last 130+ representatives I have sponsored I have brought in using this exact script.  I call it my 4 F Formula.  You can download the closing script along with several ways to over objections by Clicking Here.

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