How To Get MLM Duplication

How To Get MLM Duplication

Duplication in Network Marketing is one of the most covet"get mlm duplcationed and essential part of any mlm business.  People often say, “My team is not duplicating,” I want to caution that language because you are speaking what is going to happen. Meaning you are literally dictating that you won’t get duplication. Why do I start this post this way? Because your words have power. So if your wondering how to get mlm duplication the first place is in your language. There is a video below that will explain exactly how and why to get duplication in your home based business.

Duplication In Network Markeitng

Your words have power and in this video you’ll learn it is about what you say to your new rep in setting their expectation levels correctly in order for them to stay in the game and get duplication in network marketing themselves. So How to get mlm duplication is actually set before the person even joins the business. Sounds weird right? Well watch my video below and see why.

Video: How To Get MLM Duplication Training

See what I was saying about setting expectations before they join. How about the importance of “Point, Guide, Direct!?” What Did You Learn? Leave a comment below.

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  • clive

    December 16, 2014

    Great post Ron, duplication is definitely something that we need to work on in our MLM businesses. Same principle as the compounding penny .

  • Dereco Cherry

    December 17, 2014

    Good stuff here Ron. People need to be realistic about their income goals and not think they can work 2 hours a week and make 10k. Great tips!

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