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Get Network Marketing Leads Online

Network Marketing Leads Online

Do you want to get network marketing leads online?  There is a 3 step process for anyone in any home business to generate leads online and it is not as hard as one might believe.  Now "network marketing leads online"today I’m going to give you a simple 3 step process to set you up so you can start recruiting more from the internet but I will say this. Generating network marketing leads online should not be the only thing you do to build a home business. I have all the leads I could want online, but still to this day, some of my team members and recruiters were brought into the business from the cold market while I’m out in the real world.  At some point, if you follow this online generation process correctly, you will have the option to not prospect and just call leads, but I still prospect and meet people offline as I want to always stay sharp and be able to call myself a professional network marketer and not just an internet marketer.  Lets dive in to today’s training about network marketing leads online.

Get Network Marketing Leads Online

This process in the today’s training video will work in any company and for any person.  If you are new to online marketing for network marketing you are in the right place as this is a bird’s eye beginner view to get network marketing leads online. Here are the 3 steps you need to get leads online.

3 Steps To Network Marketing Leads Online

  1. Free Offer – Something of value to your website visitor that they would want to receive in exchange for their email address and other contact information.
  2. Capture Page – A very simple website where an exchange of value can take place and you can ‘capture’ a website visitor’s contact information
  3. Call Leads & Recruit – From the capture page you acquired a website visitor’s information and you can then call the lead and prospect them for your network marketing business or other product/service.

In order to get a lead there must be an exchange of value. In online marketing the exchange of value that is taking place is someone’s contact information in the exchange for the Free Offer. In order for this exchange to take place you need a website where you can facilitate this exchange of value and that is where the Capture page plays in. You capture a prospects information into your website, which should have a contact manager in it, and your website service will send your prospect the Free Offer/Gift via email.  Once a prospect has entered their name, email, and hopefully phone number into your Capture Page you can have the second page of your website show your company presentation and/or you can introduce yourself to the prospect so the relationship process starts even before you call them.  Finally, the part I know you have been waiting for, call your leads and recruit them into your network marketing business! Network Marketing leads online is not hard to get, and probably the most difficult part would be learning all of this on your own without a coach or an online marketing system. Watch the video Below to get some further clarity and see this process in action

Video: 3 Steps to Get Network Marketing Leads Online

This video overview really outlines the 3 steps to start generating your own network marketing leads for your opportunity.  The process is simple to start you just need the right tools.  If you would like to get your own capture page and start marketing online to get network marketing leads – Click Here

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