Get New Reps Duplicating in 7 Days or Less

Get New Reps Duplicating in 7 Days or Less

How to start your new reps off right.  Bringing on a new business partner is only one part of t"how to get new reps duplicating"he pie.  The most important part is showing your new rep the simple system and how to start them off right poised for success.  Today I’m going to walk through my system and how are team has been having duplicatable success.

Here is the process after they have signed up into the buisness.

Step 1 Introduce New Rep to your Upline Leader, (whoever is your full time upline)

This process shows the new rep support and that you work together as a team.  Most people have never done network marketing before so you want to show them that you are here to help them be successful.  Each of your reps should have 3 people to call to help them with 3way calls or coaching.  Introduce your new rep to your upline immediately after signing via 3way call or in person.

Step 2 Go Through Star Builder Manuel

This is the key success.  Schedule some time to walk the new rep through this manuel and make sure they know where their websites are and what to say to people.  You should do this within the first 48 hours ASAP.  This manuel is written so a person with a 4th grade education can be successful and understand.  It outlines how to simply be an inviter, what to say, who do you talk to, how to get your team to duplicate and more.  I was at my primary company’s last event called Numis University and heard one of the founders, Jake Kevorkian, say “I been in the industry for over 20 years and this is by far the best how to for network marketing I have ever seen.”  Now thats pretty powerful.  The manuel is available in your back office if your in the same company as me.

In addition to this I like to point people to the numis network training page on this blog or to and tell them to go through steps 1-4 and then call me.  Step 1 is entering your email address ands Steps 2-4 are watching some short videos.

Step 3 Get Your New Rep Paid

My plan for accomplishing this is called 2-4-8 process.  Your number one goal is get you rep paid in the first 30 days, however my plan is to get my new reps making money in the first 7 days.  We want your new guy to sign 2 within the first 7 days and then we are going to each this process to those new reps as well.  You want to give your new rep an action plan to accomplish this.  Tell them to invite two people to check out the business and then call you.  This is incredibly simple, I really just give this action to see if the person will do this.  If they are not willing to do this and then call you then they are probably not going to build the business.  This gives you an idea of who is serious about building.

 My only complaint with network marketing is this.  Anyone can come into the industry a make a serious income, the problem is that anyone can come into the business.  Because of the low cost people come into the network marketing industry and treat there business like a few hundred dollar hobby.  We can help thousands of people at the same time but we can only help them as much as they are willing to commit to helping themselves as well.  You need to find the people on your team that are like you and want to change their lives and make serious money.  Then you spend time with them, support them, and run full speed with them.

The whole idea is to keep this simple and give the new guys baby steps that lead them to success and duplicating that success. 

Leave me your thoughts about this process or show me what your team does to start off right below.

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  • Mike

    February 16, 2011

    Hi Ron,
    Great post! It’s a good idea to have them talk to two people and then call you. Like you said, it’s a great way to find out if they are serious and whether they are worth your time. Our Numis team uses a series of videos to get new reps started and we call them so they get the opportunity to work with real human beings. They have access to alot of leaders, training, and encouragement so if they fail it’s because they are not doing anything. If your not taking action in your organization, then don’t expect the leaders to drop everything. They’d rather work with the people who are sincerely working to be successful!

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