Getting Pitched While Prospecting

Getting Pitched While Prospecting on Facebook?

Have you found yourself getting pitched while prospecting on Facebook or other social media sites? You are trying to recruit and promote your business but then your prospect pitches you! Is this the twilight zone or something? If you’re talking to other home business owners its inevitable that you’ll get pitched another opportunity.  Don’t get frustrated, just read this post and I’ll show you how to flip the pitchmen and stay in control.

How to Flip the Prospecting Pitchmen

The people who are pitching their business to you without making any type of personal connection are most likely not doing well.  These are often the easiest people to recruit into your business.  Their lack of connection before pitching indicates that they may not have been properly trained and are struggling.

getting-pitched-while-prospecting-flip-the-pitchmen-with-this-script-1Instead of getting upset or frustrated that you are getting pitched while prospecting for your business, lets show the pitchmen a better way.  By doing this you can position yourself as an authority and leader and be in a postured position to recruit them into your company.  As far as knowing how to start conversations, open people up to viewing a presentation, overcoming objections and closing I have a 4 step process that is responsible for sponsoring hundreds of people. I call it the “4 F Formula” and you can download it for free by Clicking Here.


When you are pitched without any personal connection made, I like to respond like this:

“Hey John Doe,

Nice to meet you here! Just curious, how is this tactic working out for you? Looking forward to chatting with you soon, have an awesome day!”

When responding like this you will either have the person come clean and share that its not working well or you will have someone lie to you and tell you its working great.  The truth is that no one likes to be sold, or in this case spammed. At this point I either move on or I dig a little deeper and ask more questions like:

“How many have you sponsored this week? Wow, how many leads are you getting with this? How is your team duplicating by doing this, what kind of growth does your organization have? Are you sure this is working well for you, I’ve been doing this awhile and have tried this exact strategy you are doing.”

Realize that as you talk to this person, they will keep pitching you and this networker doesn’t know any better or any alternative on what to do. Don’t take this personally. Respond like this:

“I was more curious about your approach on Facebook then looking for a new opportunity. I’m happy to hear about what you do though. I’ve done a lot of marketing and prospecting online and I think your tactic can be a lot more effective with a few simple tweaks. Have you done any online marketing before? I specialize in _____ ( for me its online marketing and network marketing) and I’d be happy to share some tips with you! Hope you are having a great day!”

Do not argue with them about their company or whose company is better.  If they keep going you need to simply say:

“That their company is not a fit for you but you are happy and excited that they have found something for them.  (Give a reason why your not willing to switch companies. I prefer to say something positive about the experience you are having and it would be silly for you to switch gears when you have things like: great training, making money, support, leads, (best to say something that they don’t have).

Provide your new prospect with tips, trainings, resources to help them.  When they see how supportive and helpful you are when you are not even their up-line. The light bulb goes on and they realize they could be having a much more successful experience with you.  If you don’t have trainings for home business that you can share with people, I suggest looking into My Lead System Pro, this has over 50+ trainings on network marketing and online marketing that you can share with your prospects that will help them.  Another alternative is to share some of your own trainings that you have made for your team or videos from your team leader. This shows your new prospect even more how they can have a better experience with you.

Getting Pitched While Prospecting? Here is How to Flip Them Into Your Company

Prospecting is required for the network marketer the same as breathing is for everyone.  You must have a constant flow of leads in the pipeline to duplicate consistently.  I always recommend having one active strategy like Facebook recruiting and one passive strategy like content marketing to generate leads 24/7.

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P.S. Remember to follow this, “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all of these things shall be added unto you.” – Mathew 6:33


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